It’s that time again, gamers! We finally get to see what we can expect to get with our Games with Gold for August. If you are an Xbox Live gold member, you will once again have the opportunity to download four games for free. There will be two dedicated Xbox One games and two Xbox 360 games, but thanks to the wonderful magic of backwards compatibility, Xbox One owners will be able to play all four on their system.  [Read More]

It’s a very strange time right now for gamers and non-gamers alike with Pokémon GO seemingly taking over entire cities with hordes of players hunting the big wide world for the next addition to their Pokédex. Whether or not this is just a “craze”, it’s not going to disappear anytime soon with the enormous Pokémon fanbase combined with the fact that every Jessie, James and Meowth owns a smartphone. Naturally, a game encouraging people to wander their local towns and cities with their faces buried in their phones (despite the game’s obvious warnings on-screen) is going to lead to stories in the press of car accidents and other misdemeanors. However, in most cases of Pokémon GO players reportedly finding their way to trouble, the game is pointed out as the party at fault, and not the player ignoring common sense that is employed in every other element of life.  [Read More]

Hello, and welcome back to Halo 5 Company Battles! I know, I know. I’m late once again. I’m a bad person. You all know how this works, twice a month I post the Halo 5 stats for our four Spartan Companies: Actual, Cobra, Mako, and Xeno. Hopefully, we’ll get some friendly rivalries happening! As always, we start with the stats:  [Read More]

Recently announced at Star Wars Celebration 2016, EA and DICE have revealed the teaser trailer for the third DLC drop coming to Star Wars Battlefront…the Death Star! It will also include new heroes. The bounty hunter Bossk for the Imperials and Chewbacca for the Rebels. Coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC, this will be a welcome addition the game. That classic trench run never gets old!  [Read More]

I have no doubts that people are excited for Battlefield 1. I’m ecstatic to see a World War 1 game after so many years of futuristic and modern FPS. Now, don’t get me wrong, flying around with thruster packs, crazy future-tech weapons and high speed jets is a whole ton of fun, but sometimes, it’s nice to take a step back.  [Read More]