With the release of World of Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed in theaters last year, it became clear that the video game scene has its sights firmly set on the big screen. For the bigger franchises out there it’s a no-brainer, film and television are an excellent way to tell isolated stories and expand the fiction whilst continuing to release new games. Sadly, these releases have joined the likes of Resident Evil and DOOM as further examples of video game films that have been about as successful as my cooking – just good enough to consume but not likely to win many awards.  [Read More]

Civilization VI has received its first DLCiv, Poland under Jadwiga. Alongside the new civ, the multiplayer scenario Jadwiga’s Legacy, which tasks players with “[defending] Poland, Prague, and Vienna from invaders including the Teutonic Knights and Ottoman Turks”. In addition to the new civ, the latest patch for Civ VI is out, ironing out some wrinkles and adding some much-requested features to the game.  [Read More]

The popular indie title Stardew Valley has released for consoles, after launching for PC earlier this year. The game came out for PlayStation 4 on the 13th, and the next day for Xbox One. A farming simulator similar to games like Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley has farming, fishing, spelunking, combat, and NPC interaction allowing for things like marriages. The game doesn’t force players to learn each of these skills in a certain order, from the very beginning each can be chosen or ignored at players’ will.  [Read More]

Hey RULers! With the upcoming Halo 5 Guardians update ‘Monitor’s Bounty’, we will be hosting a Halo 5 Custom Games night on Xbox One this Friday – playing both old and new minigames that will of course lead to fun and insanity. Also, trying something completely different, we will be hosting our first Town of Salem night on Saturday – Town of Salem is a browser-based game that plays similar to Werewolves or Mafia. It’s an intense game of lying and deception, where you are given different roles, abilities and goals, depending on your alignment.  [Read More]

In an age where the answer to any question can seemingly be found via a quick Google search, physical game strategy guides can seem a little redundant on paper (pardon the pun). However, get yourself a copy of, say, the Skyrim: Special Edition Prima Guide and you’ll soon see why these tomes of knowledge still hold a special place in my heart and assert their value with every page.  [Read More]