I’ve been a Halo fan for years now, and whilst I have enjoyed playing most iterations of the game, I truly can’t deny that once Halo 4 rolled around my focus on the series wavered. My history of playing thousands of matchmaking games ended rather abruptly. I found myself asking, but why? How is this so different that I don’t feel the same deep connection. It came to the point that I went through a period of deep reflection on what exactly stopped me from that same enjoyment that I had previously experienced. Whilst I could never really put my finger on a single feature that I disliked, the conclusion that I came to was that while it was Halo, much of the game just did not shine with the degree of polish I had become accustomed to. Certain mechanics felt tacked on, the map design often felt unbalanced, and something about the armour abilities just felt off. Now none of these things in particular meant that Halo 4 was a bad game. If I thought it was terrible I would have never made it to 250 multiplayer matches, or replayed the campaign countless times. To me the title falls somewhere on the scale between good and great, but somehow failed to capture that amazement that prior Halo’s delivered.  [Read More]