Right now, console gamers are standing at the precipice of the cutting edge and staring into the hereafter. Over the last two and a half decades we’ve seen the leading brands pushing out consoles on a fairly regular time table. These gaps in release time have accounted for the design and development of new technology and the general demand for better hardware from the consumer as the need arose.  And while it’s true that console gamers have always sacrificed some of the customization options available to PC gamers, the security of only potentially shelling out a few hundred dollars every six or so years more than made up for this. Now however, with the leaps and bounds of technological evolution and drastically increased demand we’re seeing the edge of that security zone – and it’s a steep step.  [Read More]

DOOM is practically brimming with energy left, right and center, but just in case there wasn’t enough, soundtrack composer Mick Gordon was on hand to deliver one of the most powerful game soundtracks in years. Inspired by and faithful to the earlier Doom titles’ soundtracks, primarily based on electronic music and heavy metal, 2016’s DOOM turns it up to 11 with heavy downtuned guitar play, resounding synth riffs and ground-shaking beats.  [Read More]

As the gap starts to close between now and the launch of the much anticipated Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, EA is starting to get everybody hyped up to explore Glass, the city you’ll ultimately be roof-running (and looking down at our feet so we don’t fall off of said roof) and baddie bashing in! Using the in-game engine, we’re shown a thing or two about the game; like how beautifully amazing it looks, a closer look at Faith’s origins, and how poorly of a choice it is to engage her in hand-to-hand combat.  [Read More]

Last week a top eSports League, ESL, announced the founding of the World ESports Association (WESA); an organization with the goal of professionalizing the rapidly expanding market of esports and competitive gaming. This organization, in theory, would function as a regulatory body similar to those in football and golf, like FIFA and the IGF respectively. With the resurgent growth of professional competitive gaming to our modern esports I’m sure that we can agree that the premise is much needed and has a lot of parties interested, but is what’s being proposed by WESA to meet this need an effective strategy to achieve the goal?  [Read More]