Announced back last year, Mojang & Telltale’s brand new project Minecraft: Story Mode has been details at Minecon! For those out of the loop, this exciting new project will combine the unlimited worlds and unique concepts from Minecraft with the world-class storytelling techniques employed by Telltale in recent years. The game is entirely separate to… [Read More]

With the recent boom of remakes, ports and compilations like Halo: MCC, Borderlands’ Handsome Collection and now the very exciting Rare Replay, pulling older games onto the new generation of consoles is becoming as common as creating a brand-new series entry. Now, this isn’t always a bad thing, we all like to revisit our older… [Read More]

Everyone loves free updates, right? They make games more fun and cost literally nothing. Excitingly, one of them is landing on Minecraft this week. As of the first of July, all console versions of Minecraft have been updated to a new version, bringing a heap of exciting tweaks and additions. Here are a few highlights: 1.) Offended… [Read More]

Xûr has returned to the Destiny servers, complete with a new set of exotic gear for any guardian with plenty of extra Strange Coins to spend. However, just how many of this week’s exotics will actually appeal to the Destiny community? This time around, Xûr is offering guardians a few common armor pieces amongst the exotic collection, the An Insurmountable… [Read More]