As April begins to draw to a close, we know what’s coming up: a new set of Games With Gold titles for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. This time around we’ll be getting nearly US$60 in free games, with Xbox One owners able to play the 360 titles through backwards compatibility. To learn more about Games with Gold and all four titles for May, check out Major Nelson’s blog.  [Read More]

Ready for the latest info on the RUL Halo 5 Companies? And on time too! You all know how this works, on the 1st and 16th of every month, I put out the K/D ratio and win percentage for Ready Up Live’s four Spartan Companies. It’s just a little way to get some friendly competition going. As always, we’ll start out with the stats. RUL Actual’s still ahead in four categories, but what’s this? A tie for second! Cobra is doing better at Warzone, while Mako is doing better at Arena. Is this the beginning of an upstart? And finally, in last we have Xeno. They believe in themselves, and that’s what matters!  [Read More]