In an age where the answer to any question can seemingly be found via a quick Google search, physical game strategy guides can seem a little redundant on paper (pardon the pun). However, get yourself a copy of, say, the Skyrim: Special Edition Prima Guide and you’ll soon see why these tomes of knowledge still hold a special place in my heart and assert their value with every page.  [Read More]

Well, it’s probably about time I got a review out for Civ VI, huh? It has been out for three weeks now, after all. I could just say “great game!” and be done with it, but that wouldn’t be very interesting. And honestly not all the surprising either, as a whole the Civilization series is a lot of fun, even games like Beyond Earth. Now, that’s not to say Civ VI is without its problems, but they are by and large fixable. And honestly, some of the “problems” may go away as I play more of the game and get used to it, when you play hundreds of hours of Civ V, changes can be new and scary.  [Read More]

During PAX West this September, I got to check out Hand of Fate 2, the upcoming sequel to the highly enjoyable deck-building RPG from early 2015. Physical decks from the original Hand of Fate exist, given out to Kickstarter backers of the game. Defiant Development, the developer of the series has talked about a re-issue of these cards, but soon we’ll have one better: a real-life, physical Hand of Fate tabletop game!  [Read More]