• Metro: Last Light release date confirmed

    Metro: Last Light
    , the sequel to Metro 2033, has recieved a final release date from new publishers Deep Silver. Messages were distributed via Facebook, Twitter, and various other media platforms yesterday in the form of an in-game transmission:


    .....Artyom? Artyom are you there?

    There was an incident on the rails at THQ Station. Not to worry, we have rerouted you via Deep Silver Station. Your journey should now be back on track ... and it will be even more enjoyable, my friend. We are sending over information on your new travel plan shortly.

    One last thing, Artyom. Beware the ...

    Today, they announced the official release date for North America (May 14) and the "rest of the world" (May 17) for 360, PS3, and PC. They claim the extra time waiting will be spent polishing the game up and straightening out pre-order details.
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