• RUL Plays - Borderlands 2

    For the first ever RUL Plays, I am joined by Minolta1034, Always Board, and AnEthiopianBoy for some Borderlands 2! RUL Plays is similar to a Let's Play but with more editing to cut out the fat. It really gives you a good feel of the game.

    Enjoy our Borderlands 2 gameplay in this episode of RUL Plays!
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    1. SeaGuardian's Avatar
      SeaGuardian -
      I need to get Borderlands 2.
    1. Soterios's Avatar
      Soterios -
      Great video. I've never played the Borderlands series, looks fun though.
    1. Captain Afroca's Avatar
      Captain Afroca -
      I wasnt sure if I was gonna get BL2 or not. After watching this I MUST get it!!!
    1. SneakyCheese's Avatar
      SneakyCheese -
      waiting mine to arrive!
    1. Stickynote's Avatar
      Stickynote -
      Awesome video, guys. I just got my copy of BL2. Can't wait to get out of work and play this!
    1. lateralis187420's Avatar
      lateralis187420 -
      Damn it! I wasn't going to get BL2 until after I got Black Ops 2, but now it looks like I have to. Damn you, Greenskull, you cleaver *******.
    1. vSkullz's Avatar
      vSkullz -
      I didn't want BL2, after this though, I WANT IT SOOO BAD RIGHT NOW!!!
    1. Splice's Avatar
      Splice -
      Sweet game play! I'm not going to get this game though :p
    1. DEADSHOT's Avatar
      DEADSHOT -
      Yay a new series!
    1. Foundation Afro's Avatar
      Foundation Afro -
      Great, now I'll probably have to check out Borderlands 2. And to do that I'll have to check out the original Borderlands. My "games to play" list just keeps getting bigger.
    1. Drax's Avatar
      Drax -
      After playing through the first couple missions myself, this video is now 10x more hilarious...lol
    1. Grunt1138's Avatar
      Grunt1138 -
      Looks much nicer than the first game.