• Halo 4 News - New Legendary Logo and Covenant Weapon Sounds Trailer!!

    Halo 4 has a new Legendary Logo!! Also, did you want to hear the Covenant weapons sounds? Well 343 Industries just released a video about that exact thing
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    1. Drax's Avatar
      Drax -
      Freaking FRG sounds BOSS as hell.

    1. Cloaked Onyx's Avatar
      Cloaked Onyx -
      Sweet! I wonder if the brutes will make a return. I can see it right now; Halo 6, Master Chief and good Elites vs The Knights vs Storm Covenant vs Brutes vs The Flood. That would be SOOOOOO epic.
    1. Soterios's Avatar
      Soterios -
      Not gonna lie, that logo is TERRIBLE!
    1. Foundation Afro's Avatar
      Foundation Afro -
      Eh, not sure how I feel about the logo. I get the point, since Prometheans will be the main enemy it makes sense to have a Forerunner skull, I'm just not a huge fan of how it looks. On another topic, I agree with Drax, that FRG sound is bad-ass.
    1. Stickynote's Avatar
      Stickynote -
      I'm not the biggest fan of the logo.

      I love how that FRG sounds tho
    1. Grunt1138's Avatar
      Grunt1138 -
      They should not have changed the logo, the old one was better and highly recognised. So much so that people would get tattoos of it, and the graphic style was much better.
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