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    Granted, but you can only hack toasters and they write the most embarrassing thing about you on them I wish I could do all my homework when it is assigned
  3. I was searching for some news on H5 and first i found Halo Follower. I didn't really enjoy their content so i watched a video made by Dan. I started watching some of the streams I missed and eventually i caught a stream that was live and thoroughly enjoyed it. Since then i rarely watch any other Halo streams since i enjoyed their's so much
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  6. Hmmmm You can't go wrong with a Hershey's bar, but Reese's eggs are my favorite!
  7. If is snack on sweets, then it's chocolate. Not one for fruity sweets
  8. Id love to, but don't get out of school until Wednesday
  9. March 24th, Friday, 6:44 AM, spring... yet still cold
  10. Various podcasts, because I have way too many podcasts. But really, most of my workouts consists of going for a bike ride, so I almost never listen to something while "working out".
  11. What better way to get into the awesomeness of the forum than posting some of your awesome art? The Discord is more of a chatbox, if you want to show of your work and get a good discussion going about it, this is definitely the place to do it. Best of all, it won't disappear from the chat window super quickly when a lot of people are around, it will stay on the forum forever, really easy to find! If you want to show your stuff off, you can do it here. I'm going to lock this thread, but I'm definitely looking forward to seeing some of your stuff in the future. Art away!
  12. Motivational playlists on Spotify are my go-to when editing or coming up with ideas. I created a playlist full of nothing but Alternative Rock, Electronic, and Indie Rock. Show Me The Horizon 30 Seconds to Mars Panic at the Disco Pierce the Veil Avenged Sevenfold M83 Imagine Dragons Barns Courtney Weezer The list goes on, but the variety of artists makes for coming up with video ideas a lot easier, especially on the road.
  13. I'm your oddball for this question. Favorite candy, Almond Joy 100 Grand Bars Skittles (classic) I don't know why, but I'd guess one Halloween I got hooked on the least favorite candy and fell in love with them.
  14. I'm not much for snacks as I'm an all coffee drinker when I feel the need for something. However, if I'm craving something edible, I'm a Skittles man. I'll grab a 'family' size and down the bag in an hour.
  15. Because I'll kill you if you try to mess with me... But I came up with that one because I HATED my older one. Since you guys already knew me as Splice on RUL, I had to incorporate that into my Gamertag; therefore, I put RUL (for the premium) and combined it with Fatal and Splice because those two words sounded appealing to me at the time
  16. What about FatalSplice doe
  17. Eh. I was signing up on the old forums back in 2012 on the anniversary of Ready Up Live and staring at my computer screen for a good 20 minutes trying to come up with some username I'll be happy with. Ended up choosing SplicedMolecule because it sounded cool and I may or may not have been thinking of the movie "Splice" at that time..... Eventually, it led to just "Splice" on that forum (and for now).
  18. But I don't usually use this website a lot, and I'm on Discord a lot soo...
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    Granted, but a few days later they get rid of those ranks altogether. I wish for a cool hacking phone like in Watch Dogs!
  20. Mine's super boring. When I first joined my online handle had been Tyzer193 for some time. At the age I came up with it, I simply combined a nickname a friend had goofily given me with my favourite number. The number 193 was initially my primary school library number but after an argument with a friend over whose library number 193 was, an argument that turned into a lengthy childish in-joke, it just stuck. As I grew up a little I wanted to shed the numbers because they looked cheap and unnecessary, and became Tyzer. Over time I became one of several victims of @Rebel Rouser's name changing attacks, one such run of changes took the form of anagrams of Tyzer, one of which was Zerty. As I got bored of Tyzer and disliked it for being a childish nickname, replacing a letter with a Z in my name, I went for the coolest sounding anagram. Apparently there aren't multiple Zerty's out there, so where necessary (i.e. XBL) I splice on the abbreviation for my homeland Guernsey on the end of it to make it unique as ZertyGsy.
  21. The only thing I would say is that Tennant benefitted from Russell T's writing, so whilst he was an excellent Doctor, he had an advantage over Matt and Peter.
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    Granted, but for one hour you forget how to sit down. (Wow damn you all good) i wish Australia could have better internet.
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    Granted, but you end up getting in a car accident the day after. I wish I didn't actually get into a real car accident today!
  25. Welcome to the Awesome, friend! You'll fit right in with our variety of users from all over the globe!
  26. Alright boys and moderately attractive women, sit down. I'm about to tell you the tale of the legendary name you've come to share a love hate relationship with, Ye Olde Apple. One day, during the Summer of 2007, there was a young boy named, Connor. He loved playing split screen on Halo with his siblings. During a family trip to the Lake of the Ozarks, Connor and his sister, Haley decided to come up with some creative gamertags to name themselves offline. At the time, I thought it was neat that I could include symbols into my name. Using what little interests I had at the time, and the fact I was shoveling Apple Jacks cereal into my mouth at the speed of light, I settled on the name KingApple, but the letter 'A' was replaced with a '@'. Eventually, in the year of 2008, I would begin my adventures on Xbox LIVE as KingApple6 because KingApple was already taken. Fast forward a couple years, I began making a few friends off of a website called, Newgrounds and played the game Left 4 Dead nonstop. During a discussion one day, it was brought up how gamertags with numbers were lame and seen as a sin. Being the over thinker I was at the time, I decided that I wasn't comfortable being seen with a number in my name, so I asked my friends for new name recommendations. Someone brought up the idea of swapping 'King' out for 'Ye Olde' since it kept the medieval theme. I'd always been called, Apple for short, so the conclusion was the name, Ye Olde Apple! To this day, I still have my name abbreviated, shortened, mispronounced, and everything in between, but I love it. I know there's no doubt that when people see, hear, or look at anything that has to do with an apple, or Apple products, they think of me for just a moment. Thanks for reading!
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    Granted, but the machine randomly kills a living organism once a month. I wish i never have to pay for fuel for my car ever again.
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    Granted, but all the glass breaks at a random time every other week I wish for a machine that would keep my home spotless w/o me having to work for it
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