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  2. GAWD I'm excited for this game
  3. I've had so many. Skywalker Ham Dammill Danimal The Greenskull ....will update when I remember more.
  4. I need this
  5. Tough. I'd want a witty girl who likes me for me and gets my dank references. Ideal date? Exploring! Not necessarily a long hike, but looking around something cool like ruins.
  6. question

    Well I'm in the minority.
  7. Today
  8. Good idea! Ok. I'll start.... I hear that Jar Jar is truly his favorite Star Wars character and he learned to play guitar to be more like his hero, John Mayer.
  9. One Million Percent this... haha; I'm hella guilty.
  10. Damn that crush one is good. I'd like to know the "like" to "dislike" spread of all the opinions of those who've meet me. (example 25 dislikes to 75 likes= a +50) Hopefully that will be a big positive number... but I was kind of a piece of crap through high school. alternate: The raw number of all the times someone genuinely wanted to punch me in the face.
  11. hmmm... well, being married now and having been with the same gal for nearly 8 years has changed what probably would have been my previous choices... With her, a day in Disneyland with drinks at night is pretty much perfect. (I also proposed to her there, in front of the Peter Pan ride--her favorite movie/ride--with a gold thimble, aka "a kiss")
  12. question

    I do a lot of this, haha... For me, in general it depends... if I'm just out and about or casually doing stuff, then at most its abstract impressions that result in actions. If I'm working on something specific or writing.. then very often I will hear my own voice.
  13. Get a peek at the combat and leveling system as well as a look at some new weapons in Mass Effect Andromeda. Personally I think the combat looks great. Very fluid, the updated cover system looks like a huge improvement. The jet pack seems very fun and I think it will change up gameplay greatly. Removing classes blocking you from using certain weapons and abilities is a huge step up, in my opinion. I'm just a sucker for swords in games, too. What do you think about the new combat systems? Are you looking forward to this new installment?
  14. I'm still trying to figure it out. ;P Interesting seeing what others say though.
  15. question

    Yep. I also tend to mouth what I'm thinking sometimes. Haha.
  16. You won the thing! You get the chance to take whoever you want, wherever you want, and do whatever you'd like on your perfect date! What's yours like?
  17. Animals, people, art 💕
  18. question

    Sometimes I talk to myself mentally, and say things I couldn't say to people out loud because they're weird or I just can't talk to myself. Lol
  19. My crush told me and my friend group that she was asexual on Valentine's day.
  20. question

    Yes, although I don't hear my voice. I just hear a thought voice thingamagingle. I also have an outer monologue, because I talk to myself a lot.
  21. Oooooo, time for some Southern slang! Y'all- you all or you guys I'm fixin to- I'm going to Bless your heart- said to someone who doesn't have it together Tote- carry Slap your mama good- said when someone it incredibly tasty Vittles- food Fixins- sides to a dish Mickey D's- McDonald's
  22. You don't say
  23. That's a really great one. Unless the number you got was like 3
  24. question

    Many people hear a voice when they think. Some don't. It's often surprising to either party to know the opposite exists. I personally don't hear a voice. It's hard to describe. It's quite abstract. The way I best heard it described was when you see a red car you don't hear the word "RED" being shouted. You simply understand that it's red. Do you hear a voice?
  25. My best nights tend to be Monday-Wednesday and Friday/Saturday. The earliest I can play consistently tends to be 7/8ish Pacific time, which tends to limit my availability for most group games... Mostly I play Halo 5, MCC, and Overwatch right now. Honestly, even though I'm inconsistent, MCC seems like it would be the most fun for me. I'm also down for some Reach. For voice I can use discord most of the time, but Xbox chat tends to be more convenient to me.
  26. Drawing.
  27. I cook mostly pasta, and do different variations of sauces. I sometimes have spontaneous cooking nights with my friends/family, where we cook to a certain theme/culture. Like when we decided to do 'American' food: Chili cheese fries, Mac n Cheese and Hot wings. Currently trying to get into baking - a couple weeks back I was going a bit crazy over cheesecake, and successfully baked one with no cracks and the perfect compote
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