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    I just want to say, I love every. Single. One. Of you beautiful people out here roaming the forums. Oh and I just tripped down the stairs.
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    Hey everyone, my name is Matt, or more commonly known as DarkStar on the Internet. It's so nice to have the forums back, even though I joined after they were disbanded. I happened to find RUL on YouTube a little over a year ago, while searching for Halo 5 news. I joined about 2 months later, and haven't looked back since. I'd like to give a shout out to the RUL staff for bringing back the forums and for the new polished website. I'm sure there's going to be plenty of good times to be had.
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    I'm a girl. Necessary Edit: To be fair, the above statement was exactly the same intro that I had back when I joined RUL in May of 2010. My how the times have changed since then, but I'll be the first to say that I still love RUL now as much as I did back then. I started out with Ready Up Live as a regular member, just like many of you. After getting to know the community and participating I was brought on as the Events Coordinator. I quickly transitioned into RUL's Community Manager as our old CM, the always wonderful SourNotHardcore, moved into a higher role. So, for over 6 years I've been helping to manage the community, moderating the forums, hosting RUL Nights, and making sure fun stuff goes out on social media outlets. Honestly, since RUL has expanded so much over the years it definitely became impossible for me to do it all alone. You will hear me say it often, but I truly mean it when I say I am forever grateful for our Community Coordinators for being by my side and helping with everything. They are fantastic and I love being able to work with them. I have been able to make some of the best of friends here and I hope you all can do the same. Besides all the fun RUL stuff, I'm actually a College Academic Advisor during the day. I spent so much time in school getting by Bachelors and Masters degrees that I decided to never leave haha. But really, I love working in education and have been doing so for almost 5 years now. Some other random things about me... I love to travel, cook and bake, and obviously play video games. I'm also a fan of anything that sparkles or has glitter and I shop wayyyy too much. Welp, cheers to the new RUL and more amazing memories to come!
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    I made the mistake of working for one of them.
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    It's only been a couple of weeks but I'm really enjoying my time with my love...
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    My name is Shawn, more commonly known as Chewy, I'm your token Wookie here at RUL. I hope we have many funs together. I also hate everything you love.
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    That is incorrect and wrong.
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    I'm Ally. I think I have to write more than just my name, so... I like food. I'm a professional at Netflix. I don't know how to play any other games, to be honest. Cool to have this place back. Miss it and your face. Yeah, YOUR face. Bye friend.
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    I like how neither of you guys actually posted a picture in this thread Also, this is old, but bird, you say?
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    Halo 3 Anniversary doesn't need to happen. I don't want Halo 3 Anniversary.
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    Minolta1034 made this website and keeps it afload afloat. The man needs a couple claps. Not 3 though because that would be chlamydia gonorrhea.
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    Master Chief Collection.
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    Mark V Delta, Mark V Alpha, Mark IV, and Mark VI. EVA Gen 1, Wrath, EVA, and Hermes. Recon Gen 1, Recon, Recon ITG, and Recon RSO. Security Gen 1, Security Oppressor, Security, Security Watchdog.
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    Here's one of me in Seattle last May. we found these gigantic bouquets for suuuuper cheap.
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    Hey! I'm blue, or Jen. I'm the resident mom. Nice to meet you! Though I've been in Discord so we may already know each other. Back story... I joined in 2012, 3 months after my son was born. I was playing Halo 3 with Dan and bsangel aka Jessica, and was invited to check out RUL by Dan himself. I didn't have a gaming home before then and felt so welcome and fell in love with the group. Though I'm not as active as I was, RUL is special and always will be. Lifelong friends are made here. I hope you all have even better experiences than I did. <3 Much love to all of you who make RUL what it is. Shoutout to Jeff for making this spiffy new forum and site, and to all the staff that run this well oiled ship! You all rock! - blue
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    Maybe I should start giving out some awards? Hmmmmmmm.
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    Well, damn. I came here thinking you were creating the Match.com thread for RUL.
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    FIRST! It was a little unfair, but I will gladly claim the first post on the site. Hey! I'm Greenskull. I run this little town here. I've been at it for a long time now. My favourite food is macaroni and cheese. I prefer cats over dogs.
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    Hi imma do this weird introduction again!Whats my name? Tran AlvinWhats my game? You got gameWhat I sing? *Insert lyrics to song here*Are you single? YOU'RE A NUMBER ONE HIT SINGLE!Whats your favorite food? FoodPower Rangers? naw fam, Kamen Rider (jk imma Power Ranger fan boi too)You a PS4 or Xbox boi? imma game boiPokemanz or Digimanz? both... at the same time..."my Pikachu is Digivolving!"What games do you play alot? YOU PLAY ALOT!Are you really 20? Yes I am a professional 5 year old Who are you? never heard of you either Are you funny? HAHAHAHAHA thats funny Hello? Yes this is Dog Did I mention that I love games? Cuz I do Nintendo Switch? Imma switch to you You game? I game Whats my spirit animal? You Why are you such a lone wolf, a loner, a solo noob? I'm the only star in this world Whats your favorite quote? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *inaudible screaming* Bark? Borf Do you love me? I already love you. Am I a gud boi? I'm a naughty boi Why is this long? THE LONGER THE BETTER! GET OFF ME LARRY! Did I forget to mention that I love games? I swear I didnt bring it up Do you have bad memory? Nope Why is this random? It's not, it was all planned out and you fell for the elaborate ruse, the corporate lies, the shilling, the sellouts and etc. Am I Greenskull's friend? I dunno, ask him Am I Jeff's friend? Borf Am I WARDOG's- oh wait I'm fired Do I PC Master Race? I'am the Master Race of all Do you even grammar bro? *flails arm like wannabe gansta* Are you a lego person? My head does fall off from time to time -more to come when I get more dumb- *TO BE CONTINUED*
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    This new website sucks, go back to the old designs!
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    welcome welcom welco welo weo wo o ho hao hano hanzo
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    Did you just question your gender?
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    The sites been up for less than an hour and there's already a rivalry. Good to see your face too, CeilingLittleMe.
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    We all have songs that we don't want to admit to liking, whether it be the artists, genre, or even the music video. What are some of your guilty please sure songs that you just HAVE to jam to? Here are some of mine... The explicit version of 'Get Low' of course
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    Want to find a date in the RUL community? Look no further. Don't worry, I'll start this off with today's date: February 2, 2017
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    For those who don't know, or don't remember. This was probably one of the most popular and longest lasting threads on the OG RUL forums. If you're wondering what you do here, well it's simple, you can post a picture of yourself whenever you want to, be it to brag, to be vain, or just to allow RUL to see your face. It's all your choice! Commenting on posted pictures is fair game too, but let's keep it to positive discussion, it's not like the title says "roast me" I'll start. I believe we we're joking about finding Harambe. With @Drax & @Dark Boom! Now share away folks!
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    Seriously...what was I thinking with the fart gas? Bonus pics:
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    You know who I am. I've only been here for 7 years.
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    Welcome back to 2012! During the early days of ReadyUpLive, there were several forum games that kept users busy; Up Side Down and Tyzer's Contests being a couple. Another go-to forum game I remember was Guess The User! What is Guess The User? Well stand up and sit back down because there's a few steps to this fan favorite of mine. And that's it. Your goal is to guess the user with the image(s) provided by the user above you. Once you guess correctly, and the original poster provides confirmation, you then Google your own set of images to form a new username. To start off, let's use my instructions as the first example. Good Luck!
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    ' Heyoo it's me. Sorry for the quality, I stole it from my instagram.
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    Fancy PAX lunch with @Greenskull, @Rebel Rouser, @minolta1034, @Wardog, @Splice, @SMG90, @Nightrise, and Anthrax!
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    Hey! I'm Unreal. I'm the worst at these but here's what you need to know. Joined 2010. Used to participate on all the Halo community sites. Now on Overwatch. All the Overwatch. (With a side of Rocket League). Also now the worst at participating on community forums. I'm more active on Discord, so feel free to hit me up there! I also like to host impromptu Jackbox Party Pack sessions, too much fun to be had! See you online!
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    Date me I'm snigle
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    My dudes, I'm your friendly neighbourhood Mar! Moderator by day, moderator by night, and I play music and games somewhere in between. I'm not sure how that works either. I can be found writing something for the front page, joining @Rebel Rouser in his quest for total world trollination, or helping out the community however I can, so feel free to shoot me (Or any staff for that matter) a message if you have any questions!
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    Hello everyone! Most of you already know who I am so I'll skip to the good parts..... I'm a dinosaur. ...that's about it. Happy to be back on the forums! It's good to be home. <3
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    Supreme one? HHAHAHAHA SIKE! MORE LIKE SUPREME LOSER!! Ohhh. Sick burn. Kidding. Welcome to the site Ty!
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    A couple? Pssh, the man needs more.
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