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    Welp, we're doomed.
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    Soterios holds his ground at PAX. I love this.
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    Have you tried out site on mobile? It's pretty darn optimized for it. Looks fantastic.
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    You've probably noticed we have awards on the site. I'm happy to say they're not just for some exclusive cool kids club. They've actually finally been given out! It's time for hype and celebration time folks! Now you just have to strive to collect them all.
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    Noooooo Jeff! Apple Video Hype! Steam Hype!!
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    That's reasonable goop.
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    Successfully orbited around the Sun. 🎈
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    Ooooooooooooooooooh, neat idea. Mine is rather simple, because I could never think of anything original that suited me. I'm SierraFenix most places which is, Sierra, as in Sierra-117, and Fenix, as in Marcus Fenix.
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    "Foundation" comes from my love for Isaac Asimov's Foundation novels, and "Afro" comes from my afro (which I don't usually have because it's a pain). I've been using it pretty much everywhere since changing my Xbox Live username years ago. Fun bonus fact: in high school I used to play a lot of a game called Starfleet Commander. My username in-game and on the SFC forums (which I spent a lot of time on before I stopped playing, and fell in love with the RUL forums instead!) was Emotionless Vulcan. When I changed my XBL name I was going to go with Emotionless Vulcan, but it's too many characters and I went with Foundation Afro instead. So I was very close to Foundation Afro never existing!
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    I have an important announcement, I'm the best. Carry on.
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    As of Febuary 19th, I have been with RUL for 8 years! When I first joined RUL, I was 18 years old and a senior in High School. The Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack wouldn't be released for another 2 months. Fortunately for me, I got the pack early and that was some of the best Halo I've ever played. Now, I have since graduated college and gotten a degree. I am now 26 years old and numerous Halo launches have come and gone (ODST, Reach, 4, 5). I've been to 4 PAX's and met some of the coolest people. RUL has been a whirlwind. It swept me up and hasn't let me down. I'm happy to be a part of such a great community. I grew up in this community, along with some of my favorite people and it really has made a lasting and positive impact on my life. This effectively concludes my yearly obligatory 'I'm still here, look how old I am now' post.
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    Hey guys! Just learned about the new site and thought I'd come back to claim my old username! I'm Energy, today's actually my 6th year on the site, and its been a blast to be a part of this community. Thanks guys!
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    For attacking : Soldier 76 For defending : Soldier 76 For objective : Soldier 76
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    Rebel's award needs to just be the Netflix logo.
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    I really enjoyed Halo 4
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    I'd like to be the voice of reason in such a mess. We gotta think our way out of this one.
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    If anything I'd probably be the one to (fall into a stereotype) and become one with nature, jungle book style or go fishing/hunting. Or I'd be one who's in charge of the supplies and slowly transform into the head of the RUL island mafia... Fall back plan, yell at someone until they accept their name is Wilson whether they like it or not.
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    This may or may not already exist as a mod, but hear me out. The Idea: Competitive Roller Coaster Tycoon Ideally, players would divide into teams of two or four and construct typical Roller Coaster Tycoon theme parks. If you've ever seen games like Thrillville, or Coaster Tycoon, you have the options to actually ride the rides in first person and interact with people by clicking on them. I think Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 had this feature too. The goal would be to create your park successfully while sabotaging your opponents; create propaganda, create negative press by going around their park causing trouble, hiring mechanics to 'repair' rides, but instead condemning them to a state of in-repair. Maybe it's just my childhood saying, "hello" but I'd love to see a fully-fleshed out first person game where you are a theme park tycoon trying to compete with a rival theme park.
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    We're getting old, boys. O L D B O I S
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    The RUL sleepover night! You all come over to my house and we have a fun night filled with games, food and gossip!
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    Check this out guys. It was tweeted at me today and it's wonderful.
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    Papa Tran was a nickname given to me by a bunch of friends during Junior High. I used the name in some jokes (using an Asian accent), but it was actually used as a name during High School. After a good bit I had transition my usernames (that i can change freely) to Papa Tran Senpai (with or without spaces). The Senpai part came in when I was playing Payday 2 and ended up helping alot of new players. And shortly after I became a mod for the MainStreamers, a certain ceramic object that holds flowers (or a metal object in kitchens) gave me money to change my GT. At that point I had made the full transition and started to use Papa Tran as a name/user everywhere I go.
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    Fun idea. Well mine is pretty roundabout as It's a couple needs converging. So, a while back I needed a new email, and my first several ideas were taken, so I thought of the most random thing I could think of which was "RandomDucksMarchOnEaster" hence where you get the "Duck" part. Over the years I would do Duck variants on various sites and games.. I'm a huge fan of Westerns, so eventally "Duck Holliday" became my go-to, but when I was in need of a rebranding with my gamer tag and YouTube page, that was taken. So I came up with "Matt MurDuck" as I'm a huge fan of Daredevil and comics. For YouTube and RUL that got dropped to "TheMurDuck".
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    Well my name has a bit of a double meaning to it. Back when I first got Xbox Live (like wayyy back in 2007), I wanted a name that sounded really cool, so I asked my dad. He suggested the nickname of his favorite singer, Morrissey of The Smiths, which is Moz. I said that it sounds like mozzarella, like mozzarella stick, which just so happens to be my all time favorite snack. So we compromised, henceforth the name Mozz!
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    And pictures you shall receive! Jack and Liera! (Son and mother) Liera and Peso! (Mom and Dad) First litter of pups! (Chuncho, Nacho, Juan, Tala, Vega) That's it for now, there's more pictures elsewhere.
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    It would probably be either Linkin Park or a pop-y band. I feel I could fit well in All Time Low or Marianas Trench. Come at me.
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    *cracks knuckles* Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow, Dance With The Devil Disturbed - Another Way To Die, The Animal, Indestructible, Stricken, Down With The Sickness Five Finger Death Punch - Under And Over It, The Pride, Got Your Six, Ain't My Last Dance, Death Before Dishonor, Hard To See Three Days Grace - Break, Good Life, Animal I Have Become, Riot, I Hate Everything About You, Chalk Outline, Misery Loves My Company That's about it, I think. Though you could pretty much just pick any Disturbed album and/or most of 5FDP's.
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    Hey, member Reach? Member when people found a flyable mini Seraph? Well, it's been revisited with a full sized one. With that being said, let's use this to remember the coolest glitches and easter eggs of the Halo franchise. What's your favorite?
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    Nerd. I don't even have an answer, really. Unless we talk university. Then it was like Improv. Anything but Math plz.
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    If anyone in here says Hanzo, I will literally ban you. Not really, but I'd hover over the button for a solid 5 minutes.
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    Hi I'm PiggiePie! I'm really not good with introductions but I'll try! AnywaysI LOVE to draw you may or may not seen my drawings. sometimes I draw TheMainStreamers...but I like to play halo as it is my all time favourite game my favourite halo is 3. I also play other games of course. I am a brev just became one not to long ago. I'm kind of weird.....don't judge me..so yeah that's all I can think of to say....
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    If I say Mass Effect am I going to be lynched?
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    This was supposed to be played to kill time during the Halo Wars 2 stream I was on, but the matches went on too long. See if you can get it right before the end of the video.
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    Maaaan. I wanna go to PAX again. Someone invent a teleporter already. <3
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    Last Saturday we pulled out the N64 and had an old school Mario Party party.
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    After a fair bit of deliberation I think I'd currently go for a GTR for a day to day dream car driver. (I'm a sucker for Matte sports cars.) But I mean really, if I become rich enough I'd probably be inclined to have a garage like Jay Leno. Pretty much ever car in this thread would be a blast to drive.
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    I'd bring rescue, lol. Haha, I may be relegated to resident doctor. I didn't go to medical school but I majored in Environmental Science (I can get us water and stuff) and minored in biology. My mom is a nurse and have a few nurses in my family. I became a licensed registed environmental health specialist which has a significant emphasis on microbiology and epidemiology. I'd probably go off to survey resources and hazards. I'd try to initially find a viable source of water while observing animal and plant life. I think leadership would evolve to emphasize our skills, with a few of us maintaining a sort of council.
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    I would want to know exactly how many monkeys there are in Asia. Exactly.
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    Can I just be like Ash Ketchum and earn them by some other means? lol
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    What kind of monster are you.
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    Boy you'd be the first to light everyone on fire, you jerk. Hahaha.
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    How about some more love to the J-Dawg for getting the site back up and running a couple of times in the last twelve hours?
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