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    Welp, we're doomed.
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    The RUL sleepover night! You all come over to my house and we have a fun night filled with games, food and gossip!
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    Just wanted to stop by and see how everyone's been, Its been sometime sense I was last on this site.
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    Some Mighty Dandy Art I've done.
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    Mine's super boring. When I first joined my online handle had been Tyzer193 for some time. At the age I came up with it, I simply combined a nickname a friend had goofily given me with my favourite number. The number 193 was initially my primary school library number but after an argument with a friend over whose library number 193 was, an argument that turned into a lengthy childish in-joke, it just stuck. As I grew up a little I wanted to shed the numbers because they looked cheap and unnecessary, and became Tyzer. Over time I became one of several victims of @Rebel Rouser's name changing attacks, one such run of changes took the form of anagrams of Tyzer, one of which was Zerty. As I got bored of Tyzer and disliked it for being a childish nickname, replacing a letter with a Z in my name, I went for the coolest sounding anagram. Apparently there aren't multiple Zerty's out there, so where necessary (i.e. XBL) I splice on the abbreviation for my homeland Guernsey on the end of it to make it unique as ZertyGsy.
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    RIP, writing =/= art? I'm also a novice cosplayer. Planning to attempt to get better at it once I have time to, y'know, make costumes. Candela from Pokemon GO: Slytherin students (ft. Noble Watchman Hoch):
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    Well, my story is a little odd. In middle school, my friend Christian and I would make up super heroes. After a while, I came up with the idea of a super hero, blessed by the skies, that had the ability to transform into flying mythical creatures. I named him Mythwing. I held Mythwing close to my heart, so when I made my Xbox Live account, it was a given that I dub it Mythwing. Sadly, it was already taken. So, I added my initials to the end because I hated the idea of a number being in my name. And yes, my icon is the super hero logo that I made for Mythwing
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    Alright boys and moderately attractive women, sit down. I'm about to tell you the tale of the legendary name you've come to share a love hate relationship with, Ye Olde Apple. One day, during the Summer of 2007, there was a young boy named, Connor. He loved playing split screen on Halo with his siblings. During a family trip to the Lake of the Ozarks, Connor and his sister, Haley decided to come up with some creative gamertags to name themselves offline. At the time, I thought it was neat that I could include symbols into my name. Using what little interests I had at the time, and the fact I was shoveling Apple Jacks cereal into my mouth at the speed of light, I settled on the name KingApple, but the letter 'A' was replaced with a '@'. Eventually, in the year of 2008, I would begin my adventures on Xbox LIVE as KingApple6 because KingApple was already taken. Fast forward a couple years, I began making a few friends off of a website called, Newgrounds and played the game Left 4 Dead nonstop. During a discussion one day, it was brought up how gamertags with numbers were lame and seen as a sin. Being the over thinker I was at the time, I decided that I wasn't comfortable being seen with a number in my name, so I asked my friends for new name recommendations. Someone brought up the idea of swapping 'King' out for 'Ye Olde' since it kept the medieval theme. I'd always been called, Apple for short, so the conclusion was the name, Ye Olde Apple! To this day, I still have my name abbreviated, shortened, mispronounced, and everything in between, but I love it. I know there's no doubt that when people see, hear, or look at anything that has to do with an apple, or Apple products, they think of me for just a moment. Thanks for reading!
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    *cracks knuckles* Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow, Dance With The Devil Disturbed - Another Way To Die, The Animal, Indestructible, Stricken, Down With The Sickness Five Finger Death Punch - Under And Over It, The Pride, Got Your Six, Ain't My Last Dance, Death Before Dishonor, Hard To See Three Days Grace - Break, Good Life, Animal I Have Become, Riot, I Hate Everything About You, Chalk Outline, Misery Loves My Company That's about it, I think. Though you could pretty much just pick any Disturbed album and/or most of 5FDP's.
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    If anyone in here says Hanzo, I will literally ban you. Not really, but I'd hover over the button for a solid 5 minutes.
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    I did this over a year ago... but I'm gonna put it here anyways
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    i made these shiny metal things in real life
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    I want to post some exclusive stuff for the forums, available only to those who are on here. And because I'm currently drawing all Overwatch heroes, I figured I'd make some phone wallpapers with them, just for you guys [much more to come]
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    SKYRIM! Though I do feel fortunate because now consoles get to mod too. It just feels lame. Come on Brothesda, we want moar!
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    As long as there's more story, I'll be happy.
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    Mine is a fairly simple story actually. "Start a Riot" has been my first and only online alias when it comes to gaming. It originated from a Paramore song called "That's What You Get" where she sings a verse that says, "If I ever start to think straight, this heart will start a riot in me" and the rest is history. I've been a huge fan of them since they formed back in 2004 and their music has always been somewhat of a comfort to me.
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    These are all great replies. I was 7-12 years old and my neighbor blessed me with copies of Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress, and the Gearbox Half-Life expansions. In Team Fortress Classic you can select a spraypaint image and a colour. Image: Chuckskull. Favourite colour is green. I looked at the above username box and wrote what I saw.
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    I'd probably break down sobbing from the lack of my true love.... Netflix.
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    Yeah, I won't lie. My birthday is pretty fun. Candy, costumes, and presents when I was a kid. And now that I'm older it's just a bunch of hilarious drunk people in costumes. Lol
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    Pretty doubtful haha, I'm born on a leap year. Although there was one other person in my high school who was also born on a leap year so it could happen.
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    Come on, like you guys expected anything else?
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    Probably the only time I'll draw a human face this well. I'm sure a majority of you have seen me post this before.
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    Hello, I've been part of the RUL Discord for a while but I haven't signed up for the forums until recently. I'm just a guy looking for people to chat games with, make an impact in the Halo community, and make some friends in the process.
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    Don't worry, I got this. You're all doing it wrong.
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    Hey guys, I stumbled across a subscription box that looked pretty cool the other week called SprezzaBox, it looked pretty cool so I thought I'd try just one and see how it came out. It arrived today and I must say I'm very pleased with what I got, it's a sub box full of smart, formal wear, grooming products and accessories, it's excellent value and the quality of the items is excellent. This one just so happened to be a cross-brand with The Blacklist, a show I'm a big fan of Items included a tie, tie bar, money clip, Sunny Rebel aviators, pocket square and socks. Totally recommend this one if this is the sort of thing you're into, shipping was super fast and there's a few deals to pick from. Some pictures below for you, link is here: https://www.sprezzabox.com/ Disclaimer: I'm sharing this because it's awesome, I haven't been paid or anything like that
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    No need to be silent, I promise we don't bite. Well @Greenskull might. Uhhhh... anyways, Welcome!
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    What's up my dudes!? My name is Bjorn, and I like to game! I play Halo, Destiny, ESO, Borderlands, etc. If you ever want to play with me, my gt is SwiftColt76596. It was, Pimpinloke98. But that got banned... FeelsBadMan
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    It was fascinating to see the samurai-esque fight take place, how they both played it out in their minds beforehand. The icing on the cake being Maul's attempt to chin-bash Kenobi with his saber, attempting the move that killed Qui-Gon and Obi Wan expecting it. How many times did he replay that fight over in his head?
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    Nope, just science. The organism within the egg was a product of mutations that resulted in it being a chicken, which was different than the parent chicken-like.organism. The new chicken genes were more advantageous as to ensure the chicken was successful in continuing to pass down its genes to further generations.
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    I didn't watch it either, but I heard it's basically chock full of spoilers. Shouldn't Spider-Man be on the same level as Star Wars at this point, where we can have trailers that don't give away too much?
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    Your heart is in the right place with that username, Caboose. Welcome to the green parade.
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    At the RUL Party for PAX Prime 2016, he came up to me and talked about his ambitions and goals as a videographer. He mentioned my role with ReadyUpLive and all I did and how he would reference my work as a motivator. My videos inspired him to pursue his passion and use video production as his method for creative expression. There was lots of drinking and lots of hugging, so I'm not sure if it was tears or some other fluids, but it was a touching moment.
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    ATM I've pretty much had Gorillaz hits on repeat.
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    Okay I'm going to break this up based on the shelving unit being used. Some will have a lot of images, some very few. Also please ignore the photo quality, I'm using an iPhone 5 and I also don't take pictures often. Let's pray I don't break this thread Shelf One: Shelf Two: Shelf Three: Shelf Four: Shelf Five (Top) : Shelf Five (Bottom) : Shelf Seven: I'd like to see someone top this..... This isn't even all of it! I just grabbed pictures of the stuff I have in my basement! There's the ReCore statue, all the stuff from various Loot Crates that I have no room for and are still in their crates, a Pelican model, green BoomCo magnum somewhere in the house, and probably more stuff somewhere else.
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    My internet nickname was actually the name of a character my cousin created in Maplestory. After three years of owning Xbox Live, I wanted to change my gamertag to something and so that popped into my head. I wasn't fully aware it was something my cousin created until we played Xbox a few months later and he saw the name. Thankfully he was not mad and now I use that name for pretty much everything.
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    Eh. I was signing up on the old forums back in 2012 on the anniversary of Ready Up Live and staring at my computer screen for a good 20 minutes trying to come up with some username I'll be happy with. Ended up choosing SplicedMolecule because it sounded cool and I may or may not have been thinking of the movie "Splice" at that time..... Eventually, it led to just "Splice" on that forum (and for now).
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    I also forgot! I like my eggs sunny side up with salt and lots of pepper ❤
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    Gotta agree with you on Deer God. "Deer God", that was awful...
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    I tend to be a take charge leader type, but am also willing to follow orders like a good solider. I'm also a pretty handy guy, so I can build shelters or weapons.
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    I know it's not amazingly original, but I really love the Ford Focus RS. Hot hatchbacks are cool, but the RS just looks so good.
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    Oh guys, it's not that bad, you just listen to it once and, well. It never goes away - you kinda start to enjoy it after a while.... You'll be okay now that you're converted. Another from me now that you're recovering.. I actually like, and will still listen to
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    yoyoyoy dj mix master arc back again that is all
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    Remember not to take these too seriously, as all these questions are over simplified and so is your answer selection. Looking at some of the responses (Mine included), this thing is a ways off for most.
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    Since you gave me a place to show off: Fantasia inspired centaur. Once again. This is over a year old.