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  1. But do you...bring the smell?
  2. What uppppp
  3. girl you ain't bad. Old you always looks beaten up?
  4. Old you looks like a guy who runs the local family-owned shop
  5. game

    Granted, but it's so complex that your brain can't comprehend it. I wish I had just a liiiittle more room to store stuff.
  6. Download the app "FaceApp" and show me the various versions of you. I'm a pretty girl.
  7. If you could pick one of these franchises which would you choose? Personally I'm a Mass Effect guy. I could never get into the others. Maybe I'm jjst bad at games but the other two always seem so complicated to me (though I hear The Witcher 3 is a lot better in this regard)
  8. TBH Destiny keeps changing so I can never stick with one. But the OG Thorn, Red Death, and Gjally do it for me.
  9. I'm super weird. I don't like eggs. Obviously I'm aware eggs are in everything, but standalone eggs...nope.
  10. This is neat. I'd love to try some of those nightly good/coffee boxes. Or like a Japanese box?
  11. Good times on the old MC Server. Welcome back!
  12. It ain't happening.
  13. It's certainly odd. I doubt it's anything but... man do people want this game.
  14. Titans are better. Welcome!
  15. he returns!!