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  1. GAWD I'm excited for this game
  2. I've had so many. Skywalker Ham Dammill Danimal The Greenskull ....will update when I remember more.
  3. I need this
  4. Tough. I'd want a witty girl who likes me for me and gets my dank references. Ideal date? Exploring! Not necessarily a long hike, but looking around something cool like ruins.
  5. question

    Well I'm in the minority.
  6. You don't say
  7. That's a really great one. Unless the number you got was like 3
  8. question

    Many people hear a voice when they think. Some don't. It's often surprising to either party to know the opposite exists. I personally don't hear a voice. It's hard to describe. It's quite abstract. The way I best heard it described was when you see a red car you don't hear the word "RED" being shouted. You simply understand that it's red. Do you hear a voice?
  9. Yoooo that mac n cheese tho! I think at some point in my life I'll get into cooking. I'm still in the "bachelor" part where I eat a lot of crap and pasta.
  10. You get to the pearly gates and are allowed to know one statistic about your life...what would you ask? I still don't know for sure, but I'd like to know how many people had crushes on me that I was clueless about. Though that would also sting...
  11. video

    "Maybe start with some etiquette lessons, ya dingus!"
  12. video

    Wait is it the same guy??
  13. Now that we have these lovely forums, organizing RUL game nights will be a breeze. What kind of stuff would you like to play with the community? What games? What days and times work best for you? Would you be ok with talking on the Discord or would you prefer Xbox chat? Thanks dudes!
  14. Let's make a Jeff sucks thread
  15. I'm loooving Shipmaster. So good. In most modes.