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  1. I main Zarya. I also main Lucio currently, and Tracer in general. I mainly play competitive though so it limits my character choices to my best.
  2. Invest in Google/Amazon when they started.
  3. You know who I am. I've only been here for 7 years.
  4. game

    Granted, they are with Morgoth. I wish we had a space elevator.
  5. I have a top 3. Don't really have a bottom 3, I could just list bad movies I've seen but that's boring. Lord of the Rings Empire Strikes Back Lilo and Stitch
  6. That is incorrect and wrong.
  7. Bioshock opening Mass Effect 2 ending Prydwen entrance in Fallout 4
  8. Cassie. The cat. Edit: Picture won't upload from my phone. Will add pic when I can.
  9. No. 11 I actually remember my original account number from the old site: 4447
  10. Song just makes me feel better
  11. 1) The rampant greed of publishers ruining the video game industry 2) Mass Effect 3 ending 3) Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
  12. Skyrim is overrated, it's fun but not the second coming everyone views it as. Also the best God card is Slifer.
  13. ^ Has an unhealthy relationship with the color green < Really wishes he could be asleep right now V Loves me unconditionally
  14. My favorite character was the Death Star. 10/10 screen presence.
  15. Currently unavailable to play with. But as notice for season 4. GT: Cyclonic Jet SR: I'd rather not talk about it (High: 3350 | Current: ~2800) Competitive: Zarya, Reinhardt, Zenyatta Casual: Profecient with all characters (excluding snipers). Usually Tracer.