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  1. Master Chief Collection.
  2. Especially when it's not a convention at all. The only things worth attending at E3 are the conferences (which you need special invites for and will always be closed to the public), and the parties (which don't require admission to the show at all). Aside from that you're essentially spending your time waiting 3 hours in line to demo or (even more annoying) WATCH A TRAILER OR DEMO of a game that was already shown off during the conference. Also, they stopped giving out free swag that was worth anyone's time years ago. You can get t-shirts, but only SOME booths give them out and they usually require you waiting for hours in line to see aforementioned demo/trailer you've already seen. Allowing the public to attend E3 is basically allowing even more people to sweat all over the industry members who are just trying to go for business meetings and connections.
  3. Lady Gaga.
  4. This is a dumb idea.
  5. I hate you.
  6. Here is my stupid face.
  7. California: "Hella" - you can tell who's from SF if they use this. "SoCal" - you can tell who's a tourist or a transplant if they use this. "Cali" - see "SoCal" "Yeah, no" - no "No, yeah" - yes
  8. Also, strawberries. I also read a study that said that studies give you cancer.
  9. Everything gives you cancer. Gonna second instant ramen, because it's the best, especially with a little egg in it. So many ways to upgrade instant ramen and make it better than it is straight outta the package.
  10. game

    Granted, but you have to swim the entire way. I wish I wasn't allergic to shrimp.
  11. This one's for the OGs, but I made it easy.
  12. Mine's really hard to remember, so pay attention: Twitter: Spillanya Twitch: Spillanya XBL: Spillanya PSN: Spillanya Steam: Spillanya BNet: Spillanya#1288 LoL: Spillanya Discord: Spillanya Instagram: Spillanya SnapChat: Spillanya
  13. Wow, that's hard. I think it was Dib from Invader Zim?