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  1. Welcome back to our humble community!
  2. video

    I want it, but don't need it. I'll give it a year or so before I buy one and a 4k TV to go along with it.
  3. Never tried it or looked into it when the bought the DLC. Welp.
  4. I always forgot how to spell your name. Welcome back!
  5. Because I'll kill you if you try to mess with me... But I came up with that one because I HATED my older one. Since you guys already knew me as Splice on RUL, I had to incorporate that into my Gamertag; therefore, I put RUL (for the premium) and combined it with Fatal and Splice because those two words sounded appealing to me at the time
  6. Eh. I was signing up on the old forums back in 2012 on the anniversary of Ready Up Live and staring at my computer screen for a good 20 minutes trying to come up with some username I'll be happy with. Ended up choosing SplicedMolecule because it sounded cool and I may or may not have been thinking of the movie "Splice" at that time..... Eventually, it led to just "Splice" on that forum (and for now).
  7. Coolio. Alright, I'm going to be home roughly around 7:00 PM EST (give or take an hour) and will gladly do all of them if we have time!
  8. I'll carry both of you in competitive with my other account if you wish
  9. Welcomeeeeeee to Ready Up Live!
  10. I know there is a Find-a-teammate forum, but does anyone STILL play Destiny and have the need to complete any of the four Raids? I have been having the urge to play recently, and would like to see if anyone is (seriously) interested in scheduling a night to play any Raid desired. If you have not heard, they will be re-introduced into Destiny at light level 390, but I wouldn't mind running any of them with folks sometime beforehand. This Saturday, March 18th, I would like to see if anyone would like to run one, or all, of the Raids just for fun. Anyone want to join? No experience necessarily required. I have an Xbox One, but some users have it on other consoles as well.
  11. Pls teach me your ways. I stopped at pre-cal, haha. The only math I needed was College Algebra and Statistics. There was noooo way I was going any higher and stressing myself with concepts and variables that make me cry at night.
  12. 1. Games that have always been community friendly have been the Halo games, but I'd like to expand and play Overwatch (up to 12 for customs), GTA V, or smaller games like Minecraft, Cards Against Humanity, or Halo Wars 2 but with several lobbies. Unfortunately, not everyone has these games. 2. Times may vary for me because of working at night and classes in the morning, but 99% of the time, Sunday nights work best for me (I know, weird day). Fridays and Saturdays are great for mostly anyone else, though. Other than that, Weekdays around 10 are best for me... 3. I prefer Xbox chat because I don't have the needed equipment to connect my Astros to my laptop and have full in-game volume at the same time. It just becomes a hassle for me. On the contrary, I wouldn't mind using Discord if that's what everyone else decides is best.
  13. Shot on site and then gutted.
  14. Burned to the stake after being semi-lynched