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  1. Various podcasts, because I have way too many podcasts. But really, most of my workouts consists of going for a bike ride, so I almost never listen to something while "working out".
  2. What better way to get into the awesomeness of the forum than posting some of your awesome art? The Discord is more of a chatbox, if you want to show of your work and get a good discussion going about it, this is definitely the place to do it. Best of all, it won't disappear from the chat window super quickly when a lot of people are around, it will stay on the forum forever, really easy to find! If you want to show your stuff off, you can do it here. I'm going to lock this thread, but I'm definitely looking forward to seeing some of your stuff in the future. Art away!
  3. game

    Granted, but you have to make physical contact to move anything, so it's basically worthless. I wish for clear skies when I go for a bike ride tomorrow.
  4. You'll always be MightyMidget to us
  5. "Foundation" comes from my love for Isaac Asimov's Foundation novels, and "Afro" comes from my afro (which I don't usually have because it's a pain). I've been using it pretty much everywhere since changing my Xbox Live username years ago. Fun bonus fact: in high school I used to play a lot of a game called Starfleet Commander. My username in-game and on the SFC forums (which I spent a lot of time on before I stopped playing, and fell in love with the RUL forums instead!) was Emotionless Vulcan. When I changed my XBL name I was going to go with Emotionless Vulcan, but it's too many characters and I went with Foundation Afro instead. So I was very close to Foundation Afro never existing!
  6. No, YOU hush. If he wants to pun, he can pun.
  7. Welcome to Ready Up Live, where it's always at least 102% awesome!
  8. Hey...psst...hey wanna talk about PC strategy/sim games? Welcome to Ready Up Live!
  9. Mint/chocolate. Peppermint patties, After Eights, that kind of thing. And Rice Krispie squares, even though that's much more of a dessert than a candy. I haven't made any in months, and just bought the ingredients to make a batch after work yesterday. I'm way more excited about making them than an adult has the right to be. OHMYGODIMBUYINGMINIREECECUPSANDPUTTINGTHEMINMYRICEKRISPIESQUARESTHISWILLBEAMAZING
  10. The B-Sharps
  11. Want to grab some skins that make your Gears of War Weapons look like transparent water guns? You can!
  12. Wow, THANK YOU. That must be a July 24 thing. But seriously, I really don't like eggs and it's kind of lame. You're screwed if you go out for breakfast because nearly everything but waffles/pancakes has eggs. I'd probably choose one of those anyway, but it really lessens your choices. Not to mention that I don't really do as much baking as I'd like, even if I only get a half dozen for baking some would probably go to waste. I tell ya, the world has it in for egg-haters.
  13. That is UnKool.
  14. We should move to a fourteen-month system so Pi Day will truly be correct.