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  1. Adulting is as lame as lame can get, but I'm glad you were able to make it!
  2. game

    Granted, but the cleaning AI in your apartment gains sentience and decides that all humans are dirty and must be exterminated. I wish I could freeze time to get more stuff done in a day.
  3. Yeeeeeeeah! Nice to have you here again!
  4. I'm not a massive CoD fan, but I did enjoy the early WWII games. I'm just hoping this be a bit slower like WWII games were back in the day, which I'm sceptical about. FPSes are fast these days, and it will be tough to change that.
  5. Nice try, but various episodes have hinted that Springfield is outside Missouri, and we got confirmation in Lisa Gets an A. TELL US THE TRUTH!!! Oh, and welcome.
  6. More you bring the awesome? Nice to have you come over from the Discord, I love that people are joining after seeing how awesome the community is! Welcome!
  7. I am loving this thing SO MUCH! Although seems to have problems with my beard.
  8. That is one sexy-ass tie, holy guac.
  9. Meh. The biggest thing about Combat Evolved Anniversary and Halo 2 Anniversary for me was bringing them to the current console generation when they were released. We already have Halo 3 on Xbox One with MCC. Yeah, updated visuals are nice, and the Blur cinematics are outstanding, but I'll play Halo for the gameplay. Also, I love that a bunch of people are saying it's good 343 isn't wasting time on old games, another bunch are saying 343 shouldn't waste time on new games, and yet another bunch are saying this is just an elaborate ruse and Halo 3 Anniversary actually is happening. Actually, I don't love it. The Halo community feels like it can be especially toxic.
  10. I read this as "Hotel Samurai Jack" at first glance. It's redundant, I know.
  11. I might have to try this out. I probably pass by too many multiplayer FPSes that I might enjoy.
  12. Anime is about the only television I watch that has an ongoing story, and I'd definitely like to watch some of them again for the first time. I can't choose on one, so I'll just say lots of teh animayz.
  13. It's actually Warlock > Hunter > Titan, but I do agree Hunters are awesome. Welcome to the awesome!
  14. Yeah, there does seem to be a bunch of major beats *salutes* throughout the trailer. It's a bit silly, but probably not uncommon.
  15. Planet Coaster's updates are free, and the newest one just came out! Be sure to check out all the park managing awesomeness.