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  1. question

    Yes, although I don't hear my voice. I just hear a thought voice thingamagingle. I also have an outer monologue, because I talk to myself a lot.
  2. Let's make this a Jeff sucks thread, then it will be super biting.
  3. Aw man, that would be so great. And SPI armour doesn't have shields, so it would have that feeling of danger ODST had whenever you came across a lot of enemies. This. Need. To. Happen.
  4. Oh shoot, you made me want to know the oblivious crush thing. But yeah, you'd hope is was in that not depressed sweet spot. Too high and you know you missed a bunch of opportunities, too low and nobody loved you.
  5. UGH, FINALLY! I'm talking about myself taking so long to greet you, welcome.
  6. I mostly bachelor, sometimes cook. None of my stuff looks that amazing, though.
  7. Gamers got a sneak peek of what's coming from Xbox in 2017. What are you looking forward to?
  8. video

    BRB buying Grey Poupon.
  9. Sejong and Longbowmen. Wait, what are we talking about again?
  10. Let's get #TheAutumnWasInOrbit trending.
  11. So like...a Halo: Reach remake that follows the book instead of the original game's plot?
  12. news

    I want some new IPs, and some long-lasting ones. ReCore was fun (at least until the endgame), but I think it got largely forgotten. I want something that we'll be playing through multiple titles.
  13. Or Bulbapedia, it feels like a better UI to me. But do what you want, @Greenskull! I ain't gon tell ya whatta pick!
  14. Ice type, because it's one of my favourites and I find it super lame that ice pokemon get the short end of the stick. Also I enjoyed the puzzle of the gen 2 ice gym. Alolan Vulpix Piloswine Cryognal Glaceon Alolan Ninetails