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  1. Let's be honest it's probably going to follow the same title as Halo 5, it's probably gonna be something like Halo 6: Reclaimers.
  2. My earliest memory was me walking around what I think was a department store with my mom, when I was about one year old. I think it might've been to take a picture, because I've seen the picture around the house.
  3. Music, it's been a huge part of my life! I've learned how to play several instruments like the piano, the marimba, and several other types of percussion instruments and I'm always looking to learn more. :3
  4. Hey there, glad to have you back! Welcome back to the awesome!
  5. Not as much around here unfortunately!
  6. I can't be the only one that likes this song unironically, right? ...Right?
  7. Been in a FF15 kind of mood lately!
  8. Pizza rolls are divine, also probably Chef Boyardee spaghetti. I like to mix it with shredded cheese because I'm weird like that.
  9. halo 5

    I'm loving these designs, really takes me back to the days of Halo 3 multiplayer. Unfortunately I'm nowhere near the amount of req points needed for the pack!
  10. Well.. I'd tell you guys and all, but I'd be super embarrassed afterwards so! I feel a bit braver now, so I'll just say so! I would most certainly choose Liz because she's a great one, that one. Or perhaps the big boss Dan himself! Nobody reads this edited posts anyway, so I'm safe! ..Right?
  11. I can confirm that this is indeed today's date!
  12. game

    Granted. but everything that grows in said garden is a maneating menace a la Little Shop of Horrors. I wish for a stable job in game development for a company that is both a great work environment and makes wonderful and fun games!
  13. I hear we're posting picture of ourselves? Here's my most recent one of my weird face!
  14. I don't have too many, a lot of them actually come from my years here at RUL! There's the obvious Mozz96 for one, and then there are the variations like: Mozz Mozzarella Mozzarella Stick Mozzy And then there are the ones based on my real name like: Jere Jer Jerbear (Surprisingly quite a few girls call me this) Jermy Jermany (My grandma mispronounces my name like this and it's so cute) That's pretty much all I can think of right now haha.
  15. I don't really think that's a good idea, being honest. It just seems like it might make things more complicated for press and staff.