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  1. game

    Granted, but the Safety Dance is now outlawed, and now you have no more friends. I wish I was much better at mathematics!
  2. Jonathan Coulton is a great musician.
  3. I'm inbetween about this! I love savory things when it comes to stuff like barbecue, but I'm also a sugar monster when it comes to sweets haha!
  4. Let's see, my personal list would be: Halo 2/H2A Halo 3 Halo CE Halo Reach Halo 4 Halo 5
  5. I'd say gummy bears, or those Lifesaver gummies. I'm a sucker for a good gummy snack, they're chewy and flavorful!
  6. I absolutely love watching competitive Super Smash Bros. My brother is the one that got me into it, since he plays competitively himself. It's such a rush watching people play against each other and seeing all the pros settle it in Smash!
  7. game

    Granted, but a few days later they get rid of those ranks altogether. I wish for a cool hacking phone like in Watch Dogs!
  8. I've memorized all the words, and am currently learning the piano portion because it sounds so empowering!
  9. Well my name has a bit of a double meaning to it. Back when I first got Xbox Live (like wayyy back in 2007), I wanted a name that sounded really cool, so I asked my dad. He suggested the nickname of his favorite singer, Morrissey of The Smiths, which is Moz. I said that it sounds like mozzarella, like mozzarella stick, which just so happens to be my all time favorite snack. So we compromised, henceforth the name Mozz!
  10. Ooooh yes, a playdate I can actually participate in! Count me in! GT: RUL Mozz96
  11. Are you guys ready for JOURNEY PACHINKO? Note: this is a video shitpost, it's not real don't worry! :3
  12. I don't like eggs very much, but I will definitely eat them if they are mixed into a breakfast taco, like bacon and egg! Now that is a good combo!
  13. Welcome to the awesome, new friend! I've already seen you on the Discord, but allow me to extend a formal hello!
  14. Related question: if I say Overwatch, will people also lynch me? o-o
  15. I think beef is the overall best meat in this scenario, but of course this is coming from someone that eats beef almost every meal haha.