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  1. Halo 5 Gamenight are always the best! We have a bunch of fun gamemodes that we can try for hours if we wanted to. Highly recommend Discord voice chats cause of the average users that are active in the RUL Community. We can try other games like Town of Salem, Speedrunner, Overwatch, even MCC. Its gonna be awesome!
  2. If thats something that you're planning, count me in
  3. Looking at everyone's comment, "Halo 6: Reclamation" sounds awesome so I wanna be more original. I think it could "Halo 6: Retaliation" or Halo 6: Sierra". Something more of a throwback
  4. The Wildlands Open Beta goes live on February 23 - February 27, 2017. Who's hype??
  5. I'm single ladies!! I like taking short walks on the beach, sleep only with shorts, and watching The Notebook. Hahaha lmao
  6. White Rice with red beans and steak. Best Latino combo ever!
  7. Military Police for the win!
  8. Super hype for Iron Fist, Logan, Power Ranger! Its gonna be awesome!
  9. I have about 80k to 90k RP. Who wants to team up for Warzone?!
  10. Well, my top 3 favorite streams are: Most of the Warzone streams, especially this one: All of the puzzle streams but I like most the Dr. Tim's puzzle maps like this one: And Lucio Ball!! Oh I wish that could've stay permanent: That's my list!
  12. Top 3 Favorite Movies: -Captain America: Civil War -Iron Man -Doctor Strange Top 3 Hated Movies: -Daredevil -Grown Up 2 -Schlinder's List
  13. Hype hype! I can't stop watching the trailer!!
  14. Motivation 101 haha
  15. Is this the real life?... Is this just fantasy?...