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  1. Either Gears of War 4 or MCC could be fun
  2. I loved the stuff with the spartan but besides the amazing visuals in that scene with the AI it was rather boring, looked like she was a bender from Avatar but for technology or something, Also why do you gotta cut every second show us the whole thing don't just use cuts and black screens show us The Spartan kicking butt
  3. Yeah if I had to choose a Valentine it would be a Brit with a sexy accent so either Keyfer or Xander
  4. Honestly nothing. Sure I regret a lot of things and wish things went differently but at the end of the day those events and what has happened in the past conformed and shaped my character so if I were to change those things I could become a completely different person
  5. 1. I wish people could appreciate small independent film more 2. I wish people weren't so divided and could just be kind no matter the creed 3. I wish I could be rich so I can run Hollywood and make sure the films being made are actually good
  6. provocative

    Gay guys need Valentines cards too
  7. Brilliant here's mine I'm an extremist guys!!! watch out!!!
  8. Don't forget Iron Fist Alvin so hyped for that
  9. Dan I don't know how its possible but I think I love you even more now
  10. game

    Granted but it's so buggy that it's unplayable I wish the DC comic book movies were amazing
  11. Na I see myself as an absolute hunk I just told you, I'm totally a stud muffin What is with all the nerd questions!? I'm not a nerd!!!! *Sobs* alright I'm a nerd, happy?
  12. Welcome Saxon glad to have you here buddy
  13. Welcome Japantyhose
  14. I do live in Aus but in SA and I go to the Palace Nova
  15. Yeah I go to a screening a midnight once a month and you get to throw spoons at the screen whenever a picture of a spoon is on screen (which is a lot of the time) plus the one I go to people throw a football around during the football scenes. It's so much fun if you can find a cinema that does it I highly recommend it