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  1. My crush told me and my friend group that she was asexual on Valentine's day.
  2. Oooooo, time for some Southern slang! Y'all- you all or you guys I'm fixin to- I'm going to Bless your heart- said to someone who doesn't have it together Tote- carry Slap your mama good- said when someone it incredibly tasty Vittles- food Fixins- sides to a dish Mickey D's- McDonald's
  3. I think that a game about the first war between the humans and forunners/ the flood and forunners war would be an interesting storyline to make a game out of. It would give a proper explanation of the Halo rings and give a better idea of what the forunners were like.
  4. The Halo franchise has an incredibly rich and expansive lore. However, most of these incredible stories are not well known to the gaming audience. I regard to the entirety of the Halo timeline, what is a Halo story or time period that deserves its own spin off game? Please share your ideas. Please keep your suggestions within Halo proper, no Red Vs Blue or fanfiction.
  5. If this is the case then I hope that when you start the game it asks if you're a long time player. So it won't do that.
  6. Halo 6: The Haloing
  7. Halo: Created
  8. Well, it's what you'd expect Sammy Green Eggs And Sam Samwise Samus Slam Famders Mitch Wang Myth Sammyth Lil Wang Mythic (Because people can't read) Spartan Laser Mazer Taser
  9. game

    Granted, but everything you wear will be to sizes smaller. I wish I had a teleportation device
  10. provocative

    Making Dan uncomfortable since 2017
  11. Yeet!
  12. Two penguins are canoeing through the desert. Both are paddling. One says, "Where's your paddle?" The other replies, "Sure does."
  13. Honestly, I've always used Mythwing as my handle, my logo is new. I always used to use a Nightwing logo as my avatar picture.
  14. Fav: Prestige, How to Train Your Dragon 1&2, and Godfather part two Least: Plan Nine from Outer Space, Monsters Inc, and Green Lantern
  15. GT: Mythwing SJS Discord: Mythwing SJS (Sam) I have a Twitter, but I never really use it anymore.