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  1. As a huge comic nerd, I approve of this. It's fresh, it's new, it's Spider-Man. This, StarWars and Thor Ragnarok are my three most antisipated for the rest of the year. I'm so excited for this movie.
  2. But is the egg the egg of the organism that is inside of it, or the one that lied it?
  3. Xbox Don't have a good PC
  4. I have a laptop, but there is no way it could run a AAA game
  5. I don't have one of those fancy pc doohickeys, so I'll be playing on Xbox. We need more story and interesting character development. I also would like a more in depth subclass customization. Maybe each subclass could have more than one super to choose from? Oh, and the ability to change the look of your character's face at any time. Also, maybe the race you choose could affect gameplay somehow? Keep all raids relevant, throughout the life of the game. And allow people who don't buy the dlc to be able to keep up light and level wise.
  6. Well, my story is a little odd. In middle school, my friend Christian and I would make up super heroes. After a while, I came up with the idea of a super hero, blessed by the skies, that had the ability to transform into flying mythical creatures. I named him Mythwing. I held Mythwing close to my heart, so when I made my Xbox Live account, it was a given that I dub it Mythwing. Sadly, it was already taken. So, I added my initials to the end because I hated the idea of a number being in my name. And yes, my icon is the super hero logo that I made for Mythwing
  7. Hmmmm You can't go wrong with a Hershey's bar, but Reese's eggs are my favorite!
  8. If is snack on sweets, then it's chocolate. Not one for fruity sweets
  9. game

    Granted, but all the glass breaks at a random time every other week I wish for a machine that would keep my home spotless w/o me having to work for it
  10. Do you know what is good? Salted-caramel brownies
  11. Awww man, I won't be able to make it. Puerto Rico waits for no one.
  12. This is my doggo, Jessie. She is a yellow lab-hound mix. Pic 1 There will be more pics later
  13. Oooh, another runny yolk fan! Mythwing approves
  14. When it comes to snack food, nothing better that some salted and spiced peanuts. I'm not a big sugar snacker. Gimme the spiced snack food!
  15. Eggzactly poem!