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  1. Hmmmm You can't go wrong with a Hershey's bar, but Reese's eggs are my favorite!
  2. If is snack on sweets, then it's chocolate. Not one for fruity sweets
  3. game

    Granted, but all the glass breaks at a random time every other week I wish for a machine that would keep my home spotless w/o me having to work for it
  4. Do you know what is good? Salted-caramel brownies
  5. Awww man, I won't be able to make it. Puerto Rico waits for no one.
  6. This is my doggo, Jessie. She is a yellow lab-hound mix. Pic 1 There will be more pics later
  7. Oooh, another runny yolk fan! Mythwing approves
  8. When it comes to snack food, nothing better that some salted and spiced peanuts. I'm not a big sugar snacker. Gimme the spiced snack food!
  9. Eggzactly poem!
  10. Actually Apple, egg puns are welcome here. I did say that this thread was for all things eggs
  11. Yoooo, Static Shock was lit!
  12. Mine were Dragon Ball Z and Teen Titans
  13. I'm going to say film studies, but if my Digital Design teacher wasn't a b**** than it would be that.
  14. Yeah, when you make the yolk filling, you don't add anything with moisture (mayo or whatever), so that it fries better. Use a thick batter and friends to Golden brown. Then dip it in a creamy sauce of your choice. I suggest a ranch/Buffalo sauce mix. They the bomb
  15. If you're older than 8 years old then you probably remember a time when kids actually woke up early Saturday morning in order to catch their favorite shows. Due to online streaming, this sacred part of a child's routine seems to have died out. In lew of this disaster, what animated show were you most excited to see on Saturday morning? Post below