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  1. What about FatalSplice doe
  2. Ooooooooooooooooooh, neat idea. Mine is rather simple, because I could never think of anything original that suited me. I'm SierraFenix most places which is, Sierra, as in Sierra-117, and Fenix, as in Marcus Fenix.
  3. *cracks knuckles* Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow, Dance With The Devil Disturbed - Another Way To Die, The Animal, Indestructible, Stricken, Down With The Sickness Five Finger Death Punch - Under And Over It, The Pride, Got Your Six, Ain't My Last Dance, Death Before Dishonor, Hard To See Three Days Grace - Break, Good Life, Animal I Have Become, Riot, I Hate Everything About You, Chalk Outline, Misery Loves My Company That's about it, I think. Though you could pretty much just pick any Disturbed album and/or most of 5FDP's.
  4. Ed Sheeran's new album is pretty great.
  5. Barring the fact that I can barely play guitar and piano, plus I haven't sung in public for yeeeears, first choice would be Saint Asonia, because Adam Gontier, formerly of Three Days Grace, is my favorite artist. Second choice would be Linkin Park.
  6. I like fried eggs, scrambled eggs in a tortilla with ketchup and hot sauce, and cheese omelets. For egg related stories, I hate making them fried because the damn butter pops and tries to buuuuuurn meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
  7. Lately, I've been maining Pharah, Soldier 76, Mercy, and Zarya.
  8. I shall be there and so shall Raptor. Yay for split screen!
  9. question

    I most definitely do. Though not exactly like Green said in the op. Basically, I have conversations with myself. If I'm going to ask someone something, I hear like voices coming in from the sides explaining and giving me the answer, so I don't have to actually ask the person. And if I have to ask someone something important, I have to figure out what I'm going to say, how I'm gonna say it, and how to approach said person to ask. ...Then create scenarios for the possible answers I'll get. Also kinda like this, I'll be thinking about something I want to do, and see how it would affect people I know, from their perspective. That one is the reason I don't do very much impulsively. I could go on, there's other little things like when I would listen to someone talk, I'd hear left, right, left, right and/or tap my fingers with each syllable that was said. The brain is a funky thing, man.
  10. My cat-dog does. As for dogs v cats, I like both, but I haven't been able to have a kitty yet. RIP
  11. Happy RULiversary, SMG! I've enjoyed talking to and gaming with you the four years I've been here, and look forward to many more.
  12. First choice would immediately be a dragon. Second choice, phoenix.
  13. Hmmmmmmmmm. Here's a few that I can think of off the top of my head, not counting the obvious ones, Halo 5 and Reach: Black Ops 1 (On backwards compatibility.) Overwatch (Has custom games.) Gears of War 4 Town of Salem And as for communication, Xbox games would probably be fine on Xbox parties; if we ever did anything browser based, I can see discord voice being the less complicated.
  14. While I understand where you're coming from, I must also say that this is only one song so far. I hope you don't get too disheartened until we get the next single. What I have to say about the song is... I rather like it. The lyrics speak to me and Chester sounds beautiful. That being said, I've never been a fan of artists have other artists in their album. A collaboration on the side, sure, but I'd rather hear the band I love rather than some other person I've never even heard of. Can you imagine how great this song would be if Mike rapped/sang her verses? Man, that'd be something straight off A Thousand Suns. All things aside, Linkin Park has changed styles every single album. There's always two sides to the argument, if they stay the same people will complain, if they change, people will complain. I like how they're brave enough to keep changing and still keep their soul, which, in my opinion, is Chester's and Mike's vocals and the passion they brings to every song, and the depth of their lyrics. So, I just say, wait for the rest of the album, they might have a few tricks up their sleeve. ;)