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  1. Uh...well...you see...I know how, but that's a lot of work and it'll be dusty again in like two days. Lol.
  2. Root Beer candies, Twix, Starburst. ;D
  3. At the moment my main is probably D.Va or Soldier. It was Roadhog for a while. I've also been playing a lot of Mercy in comp because no one wants to play healers. >_>
  4. Goat Simulator. Dark Souls is hard...but Goat Sim is infuriating.
  5. video

    I guessed the same as Goldenboy, therefore I was also wrong. I remember the first and I thought I had seen the third so yeah. Haha.
  6. I am quite literally a Vandal...so I can say I would almost inevitably be a Viking. (;
  7. I do think the power wheel was a better system, but maybe there's just too many abilities for that system to work in this game. Have to wait until I play it to find out how I like the favorites system. (Or if I even remember to use it at all...)
  8. Get a peek at the combat and leveling system as well as a look at some new weapons in Mass Effect Andromeda. Personally I think the combat looks great. Very fluid, the updated cover system looks like a huge improvement. The jet pack seems very fun and I think it will change up gameplay greatly. Removing classes blocking you from using certain weapons and abilities is a huge step up, in my opinion. I'm just a sucker for swords in games, too. What do you think about the new combat systems? Are you looking forward to this new installment?
  9. I'm still trying to figure it out. ;P Interesting seeing what others say though.
  10. question

    Yep. I also tend to mouth what I'm thinking sometimes. Haha.
  11. One of the earliest things I remember is falling out of my crib when I was like 2. That's about the extent of it.
  12. Welcome! I hope you enjoy the forums and the Discord, as well!
  13. halo 5

    Mark V Delta is so derpy looking. Haha. Those screenshots are pretty shweet, though. ;D
  14. You forgot 'Tai the Rockets Marry-O' (; A few that I had forced upon me by various staff and/or cretins are... Joe (obviously) Jojo Velocirapper DerpRaptor Velocirapstar Veolicrpter Velocirapter (This one infuriated me to no end) There are a lot more that I can't even remember. Haha.
  15. Test is fairly accurate, I would consider myself slight more right but that's pretty close.