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  1. game

    Granted, but the skittle has been pre chewed. I wish to rich enough to never never have to work again.
  2. game

    Granted but you can only draw wells well. I wish i could could meet all of the ready up live crew in real life. (And have bday drinks with me)
  3. game

    Granted, but by things it can only be stuff you own. I wish everyone had peace of mind.
  4. game

    Granted, but you are unable to spend said million or earn any interest on it. I wish for the world to have no need of money.
  5. game

    Granted, but for one hour you forget how to sit down. (Wow damn you all good) i wish Australia could have better internet.
  6. game

    Granted, but the machine randomly kills a living organism once a month. I wish i never have to pay for fuel for my car ever again.
  7. game

    Granted, but everything you touch feels dirty, grimy and everything smells like rotting meat. I wish i never feel hungry.
  8. game

    Granted, but there will be references to who you where in all aspects of media but people have know idea who what or why they are there. I wish to have telekinetic powers.
  9. Like the others if I'm able to play I'm in. GT: xiled raven big happy smiles
  10. Wait so what you are saying is up until now I was cool for having the awards. Yay I feel validated. Thanks heaps mate.
  11. newest member of the Ready Up Live/Mainstreamers team. Photo taken after winning a round on BF1. I'm now wondering if I can some how get either a Gary tshirt or the RUL tshirt in baby size. http://imgur.com/a/lTRc9
  12. Pretty sure i can some how get a roofie into either Potts or Papa and make them mine. 😈
  13. Well seeing as tho everyone else is saying gday I thought I would as well. So yeah Gday. Names Xiled Raven or just Raven or if you have to real name is Pete. I'm also one of the old bastards that hangs around. Being 31 this year.(really should get my life together) I hail from a nice convict country on the underside of the globe know as Australia. You know the place where every god damn animal wants to kill you. As to where in this lovely hell fire of a place I am. Well I live in the lovely northern beaches of Sydney. With my beautiful wife Alana and my week old first born son Xavier. (Holy shit I'm a father). In terms of who I am as a person. I'm a massive smart arse, love a good joke and playing pranks on those unfortunate enough to put trust in me. (Insert menassing laugh here). I love music anything with a guitar really. Rock,metal punk all that stuff. Was a surfer in my younger years. I'm also a geek, pretty given other wise I wouldn't be here now would I. Anything syfi fantasy, anime, cartoons. Been an Xbox fan since day dot and with that a massive halo fan. Before that it was all about Nintendo. In terms of my time with Ready Up Live. I've been lurking around for years now. Can't remember exactly when and where I first saw one of Dans vids but from there on Iv been following our lovely leader. Started modding for him back on twitch years back and now help out when I can on youtube. (Thank fuck Potts , Papa and the rest are there) I'll be around for along time to come so get used me being here. Im always here to chat to if anyone needs it. So drop me a line and say gday. thanks for the read ps Love you all. Thanks for being my digital friends and family. Wouldn't know what to do with out you.
  14. I can play a pretty mean triangle.
  15. Oh oh oh I think I know this one. It's one of the old Star Trek movies. The one with the old earth satellite.