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  1. game

    Granted, but you're so bad at using them that you always mess up and cause more harm than good. I wish that I lived closer to other RULers.
  2. This. I loved all my math classes in high school, but my Econ classes in college so far have been incredible. They've really helped me in how I view economic issues prevalent today.
  3. I should be getting back home from college just in time to make it to this!
  4. I really like both... a lot. In most cases I like chicken better, like in chicken nuggets, grilled chicken, etc. but in burgers or barbecue, you can't beat beef.
  5. My goodness is that Jeff one sexy beast.
  6. ^ Is an even more awesome person < Can't wait for Andromeda v Has every episode of TWD memorized, verbatim.
  7. Bioware just recently released their second video in a series about some the changes coming with the latest installment of the Mass Effect series. Here it is for those of you haven't seen it yet. The main focus of this video is on the different skills, profiles(which are basically modified versions of the classes from the previous games), and the new favorites system. Personally, I really like the idea of having freedom to make your character into whatever kind of soldier you want. I think it'll add a new level of power combinations we haven't seen before. With the favorites system, I feel like's a good way to let people swap between their different sets useful in different situations, but I don't quite understand why they would change it from just having access to a power wheel with all of your abilities. So what do you all think of this? Do you like the changes Bioware is making? Do you wish they kept things how they were?
  8. I love them both, but I like smaller animals, and smaller dogs are generally really annoying to me(Looking at you, Buddy). I prefer bigger doggos, but they can get inconvenient with their shedding/eating/getting in the way, so I would have to go with cats. Plus cats are super soft and fuzzy.
  9. question

    For me it depends. If I'm trying to think quickly, I don't. But if I'm trying to really deeply about something or understand something like figuring out physics problems, I'll have my own voice run through my head. But the weird part, and I don't think I've met someone else who does this, if I'm trying to make a decision, I have a full on debate in my head, where each decision is argued by someone I know. Sometimes my parents, my friends, family, even some of you guys. I don't know why my brain likes to do things that way, and it's an odd way to make decisions for sure, but it really does help me keep my thoughts in line.
  10. I was looking to this game... Now I'm freaking stoked for it! It seriously looks so amazing. I really like the idea of not having restrictions on what powers/abilities you can choose. That's going to make for some really cool power combinations.
  11. And the first Spartan III mission would make for a killer opening mission.
  12. I think I would like to know how many times I made someone's day better unintentionally. Like I said something I didn't mean to be funny or did something embarrassing that just brought a little joy to someone.
  13. I agree with you on a Human/forerunner War game, I would love to see that. But i think that more realistically, it would be great to make a game about the book First Strike. It had a great story, some cool settings, and the whole Blue Team dynamic that the games got introduced to in Halo 5.
  14. Halo 6: The Mantle After the Mantle of Responsibility Cortana is trying to hold. She even put it on her outfit for Halo 5.
  15. Unless it's a huge release I've been looking forward to for a while, I tend to wait for reviews before picking up games, so I tend to avoid a lot of the bad games (like the aforementioned Colonial Marines). But I would have to say my least favorite is just the general collection of the NBA-FIFA-Madden games, just because no matter how much I play them, I can never do well at them. I don't know what it is, but those games are just not anything I can ever have fun at.