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  1. Okay I'm going to break this up based on the shelving unit being used. Some will have a lot of images, some very few. Also please ignore the photo quality, I'm using an iPhone 5 and I also don't take pictures often. Let's pray I don't break this thread Shelf One: Shelf Two: Shelf Three: Shelf Four: Shelf Five (Top) : Shelf Five (Bottom) : Shelf Seven: I'd like to see someone top this..... This isn't even all of it! I just grabbed pictures of the stuff I have in my basement! There's the ReCore statue, all the stuff from various Loot Crates that I have no room for and are still in their crates, a Pelican model, green BoomCo magnum somewhere in the house, and probably more stuff somewhere else.
  2. My internet nickname was actually the name of a character my cousin created in Maplestory. After three years of owning Xbox Live, I wanted to change my gamertag to something and so that popped into my head. I wasn't fully aware it was something my cousin created until we played Xbox a few months later and he saw the name. Thankfully he was not mad and now I use that name for pretty much everything.
  3. Skittles. I could eat nothing but Skittles for days if my body wouldn't shut down and I'd die.
  4. Hahahahahahahahahah *looks at Mega Construx collection spanning five bookshelves* *cries* You have EVA's Last Stand?! Lucky! I'd love to have two Mega Construx Hunters that are the exact same but sadly I only have the original Halo Wars style Hunter and the new Halo 4 style that came with the Firebase set. This thread could not have come out at a better time, I'm preparing my Mega Construx collection to reveal it in a Facebook group I'm apart of so I guess I'll just take pictures of everything else when I do that and share all of it here
  5. Good, because after buying a Switch I don't really have spending money That is abuse of admin powers and basically cheating!
  6. We won't need the new DLC, right?
  7. Okay well I was hoping a few more people would comment on this thread but whatever.... 1 4 7 9 Are the real titles 3 is the dead novel idea I had. If that changes your opinion of me in anyway then so be it.
  8. I'd love to reveal the answers but I was really hoping more people would comment on this thread. These titles are just so so out there and some of these damn things are actual titles!
  9. Light novels. The chapter books of the anime world, these books are the source material for all sorts of anime. From A Certain Magical Index to Sword Art Online, light novels come in all shapes and sizes. But so do the titles! No seriously, I'm not joking. Light novels have recently clung onto a trend to make the title for the novels as long and obnoxious as possible. So, I've collected a list of various light novel titles. The catch? Half of them are fake! One of them was once an idea I had for a novel, can you guess? Just guess the number for what you think is fake. You win nothing other than the entertainment from these novels and knowing most of them exist. I Saved Too Many Girls and Caused the Apocalypse I Tried Training a Girl Who Looks Exactly like My Student Body President, Hoping to Make Her My Lover, and I Turned Out to be the Servant This Year's Biggest Disappointment in Magical Girl Anime has Become My Reality! They Say You Can't Get Reincarnated in a Fantasy World If You Get Hit by a Truck, So I Decided to Work with a Pretty Girl I Hit on a Succubus and Now I'm Making an Eroge with My Sister and the Student Council President?! I Accidentally Stripped in the Middle of P.E and Now I'm the King of the Nation When the female student body president of a prestigious school reads Abdul Alhazred's Necronomicon The Zombie Next Door Has a Crush on Me Even Though I'm Attracted to the Demon Lord How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom I Found Out Infinite Universes and Reincarnation Exist and Now I Spend My Days Trying to Live in My Favorite JRPG
  10. Whoever controls the Flint and Steel, controls the fate of the universe.
  11. I have no idea what you are talking about! Lightning hit your house multiple times!
  12. I'd probably try to take charge. Or get fed up with everyone and do things my own way on another part of the island. I don't know why but I get the feeling Chewy would be the one to try and eat someone. I've played Minecraft with RUL and others enough to know the results.
  13. Poetry fucking sucks. Worst thing I've had to deal with in school. Halo 5's REQ system is one of the best ways I've seen microtransactions handled in gaming Overwatch should not have been GOTY The Mattel Halo line does not look that bad Pokemon Gen-II best gen We don't need a Halo 3 Anniversary Halo Reach is the worst Halo game Fallout 4 was pretty good despite it's lack of proper RPG elements and basically being an open world shooter + Minecraft Mega Construx > LEGO Hillary Clinton should be banned from running for POTUS English dubbed anime is better than subbed for most shows I watch. There. I. Fucking. Said. It.
  14. I texted my brother a link to an article as soon as I saw this on Twitter. We can't play Halo 5 together and because of that my brother barely plays it anymore. We're so thankful to see that it's not only returning, but staying.
  15. I'd be dead probably.