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  1. The thread is live! I know for a fact that everyone's armor from here has been added so go ahead and find it!
  2. It's not even 9 AM here, chill dude.
  3. Great screenshot, but it's a no brainer Shinobi would go with Shinobi. What I'm talking about is two different helmet and armor pieces being paired together. Like Recon GEN-I paired with Vigilant or something. I didn't need I needed to clarify that but I can understand the confusion
  4. So, because I'm me and I get bored a lot; I've decided to start a hunt across the Halo community to create a huge list of armor combinations in Halo 5. You want to see yours shown off to the community? Then you need to do a few simple things! Simply post a screenshot of your Halo 5 Spartan in-game (menu is okay but please don't grab it from Waypoint or off a damn phone) as well as the helmet and armor used and as long as I don't have the combo already, you're good to go for the list. IF your armor has already been shown on the list, I'll simply use the image that looks better, sorry other person/people. The images have some requirements though, it simply must show off the following: Helmet Both shoulders Chest SINGLE SPARTAN Basically, the front view of the Spartan. Images that are focused on the shoulders or taken from the side tend to hide the chest, leading to an incomplete view of the showcase. It doesn't have to show off the legs, but it is encouraged. Also, try to avoid large weapons like the sniper or SPNKR, unless a stance like Looking Skyward is used. If you can find a way to make them work and show off the armor, that's wonderful! But large weapons do the same thing the shoulders can do and hide parts of the armor. The reason I want it alone and not in a group is because it focuses on the single armor then. For an idea on how I want the images, expand the spoiler tag below: I'll be looking for armor from all over but the thread officially goes live Tuesday night. If you want to share an image, it'd be best to post the link in the thread. Note that you must have the rank of Marine-Iron to post links on Waypoint. If you are not of that rank, then this thread, Twitter, or anywhere else you can contact me works. Happy screencapping! Thread's live:
  5. Okay, what is with Vigilant and looking good with all of the classic helmets?
  6. Come on, like you guys expected anything else?
  7. I wish esper powers were real I wish I was an electrokinesis I wish I could focus on my writing and produce a first chapter in less than a month rather than three months.
  8. One of the best action cartoons out there and has a very unique and distinct style of animation.
  9. Samurai Jack is back! Trapped in the future fifty years after the events of the original series, Jack has stopped aging and must find a way to stop Aku. With all the time portals destroyed, a much more mature tone, ten episodes, and airing on Toonami March 11th 2017, Jack will have to find a new way to get back to the past! Are you hyped?
  10. Was hoping no one did this before me but I guess that's what I get for being a day late
  11. Twitter: @MonkeyxMoo Discord: @MonkeysxMoo#0963 Facebook: Stephen Groves XBL: RUL MonkeyxMoo Reddit: MonkeysxMoo35
  12. game

    Granted, but now you find it impossible to enjoy movies outside of DC comic adaptations I wish I could write for extended periods without distraction.
  13. Shocker I have yet to see a Halo trailer as expertly crafted as this one. More emotional? Most definitely. But this one is always a joy to watch.
  14. Favorite: LEGO Movie Summer Wars Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Worst: Frozen Cars Any compilation film to any anime that's gotten one save for the two Gurren Lagann movies
  15. You also tripped down the stairs? Jeez people watch where you step.