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  1. Half expected this to be a Ready Up Live and Blue Apron partnership announcement. That buttercream cake looks to die for though. 👌
  2. Definitely agree with these, Overwatch customs are especially fun with a lot of people. It's an obvious one but Halo throwback customs to some of the popular Halo 3 (MCC) and Reach (back compat) never gets old. Still prefer Discord just for the voice quality, but I imagine not a lot of people have a setup for mixing Discord and game audio.
  3. Hopefully there's a little more to do than there was in the closed beta. Managed to 100% it relatively quickly.
  4. video

    Yup, he even has his own channel. Still can't figure out if it's a joke or not.
  5. Tech. Always fascinated with what can be packed into the latest smartphone or PC component, or what new little gadget is making some minuscule task in your life easier. Technology is neat.
  6. Looking forward to more Scorpio details, but I'm still just itching for more info on Crackdown 3. Wouldn't be surprised if there's an "and it's available now!" beta for it like they did with Halo Wars 2 last year .
  7. video

    Oh god not Handibot.
  8. PUZZLE WORLD OF COLISEUM PUZZLE MAP (HALO 5: GUARDIANS) @Greenskull 💀 https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=3p_0Jk6BJ7I @minolta1034 ☕ https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=3psjPY2EeEI @Wardog 🐶 https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=qRSOi06lOW0 Map Download: via Halo Waypoint
  9. I dunno, man. @Xiled Raven offered free drugs and @Splice can get pretty clingy...
  10. Didn't have the pleasure of meeting you on the old forums, but in any case, welcome back! o/
  11. Nope, it's open to everyone. This is where map suggestions and fan art submissions go.
  12. Whoa, four dipping sauces? You lucky man, you.
  13. This one's a bit longer but it's one of my favorites, unapologetically stolen from Reddit. A teenage boy asks out his girlfriend to their first ever prom. Very excited and determined for it to be a good time, he sets out to get ready. He first goes to rent a tuxedo, but with prom season in full swing, there's a very long line at the store. It takes what feels like forever, but eventually gets his tux. Afterwards, he goes to get some flowers. Once again, there's an incredibly long line at the flower shop. He waits again for what feels like forever, but eventually gets the flowers. Truly wanting to impress her, he heads out to rent a limo, but of course, there's a sprawling line at the limousine rental. He stays patient and eventually gets it done. And finally, the day of prom comes. He and his girlfriend are dancing happily and both having a great time. All the waiting was worth it. When the song is over, she asks him to get her some punch, so he heads over to the punch table and gets them both some. And... that's it. There wasn't any punch line. <3
  14. My earliest I've got is actually from when I was a baby. I remember being held by my mother while we were on a sailboat, waves crashing a bit around us, on vacation at Perdido Beach. Whenever I bring it up she says I was 2 or 3 years old at the time. I have a pretty awful memory, and the next thing I remember is probably from years after that, but somehow I've held onto that one.
  15. Took ya long enough. Welcome!