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  1. Assuming Battlefield 1 actually lets me play it, unlike Reach, then I'll be there!
  2. You've certainly come to the right place. Welcome to the forums! If you're looking to party up and play stuff with the community, highly recommend joining up on the Discord as well. People looking to play will usually shout in there, first.
  3. I'll be around tomorrow for a bit of raiding, would gladly do all four again if we've got the time for it. Especially considering... I've got some business to take care of with Atheon.
  4. I could definitely see this happening with a multitude of titles, though what I'd really love to see is the spaces change between clans. For example, if a clan is more PvE focused, could have loot scattered about and alien hides hanging from the walls, while a PvP focused clan may have shelves full of armor and weapon racks. Would also make since for the spaces to grow as your clan does. A smaller, maybe even crummier looking space with a low population or low ranking group, with the higher ranked and substantially larger ones having sprawling space. Making the spaces really feel like home to those clanmates, ya know?
  5. Well it was nice while it lasted.
  6. About the same amount of time on Pharah and Mercy, everything else behind that is less than half each, though Lucio and Ana have both been creeping up the list. Just really enjoy playing support!
  7. Math. Everything felt like it came pretty naturally so it was a bit of a breeze. Almost failed history, though.
  8. A full Reach lobby? Who would say no to that? See you all there!
  9. Yup, that sure does look like Borderlands. Hopefully the jump to Unreal 4 is more evident in the final product.
  10. https://www.bungie.net/en/News/Article/45708/7_The-Road-Ahead tl;dr - New event called Age of Triumph to cap off Destiny 1's life. Destiny 2 will not carry over anything except what was done in the character creator and veteran players will receive something for their work in Destiny 1. Details of the final event in Rise of Iron: And details about carrying over gear: As someone who didn't get overly hardcore into Destiny (barely did any raids, no Lighthouse, etc.), very excited to see that everyone is starting on equal footing for Destiny 2. Hope they iron out all the fundamental issues there were with Destiny 1 and everyone starting fresh opens up the sequel to more people. RUL Raid Nights, anyone?
  11. Ay more Brevs populating the forums! Welcome, Piggie! <3
  12. These both direct to your YouTube channel btw. Welcome to the forums!
  13. Well that's fantastic, hadn't heard of that yet. What I'm honestly most excited about is the game libraries and development efforts merging between what we got on the Wii U and 3DS. I owned both but never really found myself using the 3DS unless I was traveling. Knowing most of the titles that I'd normally see release on the 3DS coming to a living room home console space, I'm looking forward to. I'm a bit worried about 3rd party support still, though. There's that image they keep throwing out about with the dozens of partnered devs and publishers, but I still don't see the huge AAA 3rd party titles heading to Switch. I'd love if they did, but it feels really unlikely.
  14. hi

    He's made one post with four words and I already know he's better than me at Halo. Welcome to the forums! <3
  15. Same can be applied to real life. Neighbor ain't cute? Move.