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  1. Thanks for reminding me. I really want to try it, since I didn't get into the closed beta.
  2. Since we are currently on the Reclaimer saga, I'm assuming something like Halo 6: Reclaimers. Or, maybe Halo 6: Reclamation, judging by the way Halo 5 ended.
  3. This is so easy, @Scribs of course. That Aussie accent is bae.
  4. ^ Loves shopping on Amazon. < Wants a cookie and a glass of milk. v Doesn't like Halo.
  5. Don't judge me. I feel no shame what so ever.
  6. • Matt • EdgeStar • DerpSter • Dark • Matt #3
  7. Yeah, that's kind of what I expected, not surprised.
  8. DarkStar!
  9. Then both teams get to share the trophy. That seems fair to me.
  10. Gonna have to say mini ravioli. I've had that since I was a kid. Oh, and instant ramen as well.
  11. Wait, who are you? Your name doesn't sound familiar. Welcome back to the forums dude!
  12. game

    Granted, your eyesight is better now, but your hearing is diminished. I wish I had a lifetime supply of Oreos.
  13. Since I have RUL in my Gamertag, I get these from time to time.
  14. Behold the cuteness. His name is Petrie, and he is an African Lovebird. @Keren
  15. Too much work, I guess people won't be able to see my awesome pics. Not that I have many anyway, my life is kind of boring.