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  1. always wanted this ever since i got the game, but this is only on pc right?
  2. if the gorilla licked the armrest before the unsc bloke sat down wouldn't the guy know it was llicked already from when he had put his arm there the first time?
  3. Velocity is right, there is way too much Aussie slang to tell but i'll tell of some common Aussie words i tend to use a lot. G'day - hello Brekkie - Breakfast Eskie - a box that keeps drinks cold Bloke - A guy Bogan - very low class kinda bloke who generally wears thongs, shorts and a singlet, loves to drink and smoke. Maccas - mcdonalds Straya - Australia Thongs - "flip flops" Mozzie - mosquito Arvo - afternoon Ciggy - cigarette Yeah Nah - no Nah Yeah - yes Yeah Nah For Sure - definetly i could keep going but... nah
  4. gotta love some puzzle maps
  5. Hey how's it going guys, It's me dusty boomerang, just another bloke from the land down under. My real name is Saxon and i like to game and skate. The way i found out about Ready Up Live was through Greenskull and his YouTube channel. i'm generally new to RUL and already have made great friends and maybe a couple of enemies... I try to be friendly in this community to everyone, i do have my times that i do get a little frustrated with a couple people *cough, shawn*. But from what i have seen this can be a very nice community, a little weird at times but generally pretty cool and i hope i stay here for a while. Thanks if you read this and i hope i'll see you around.
  6. halo news

    ...not even close to enough.
  7. giveaway

    Have never played on of these games nor do i really know what it is.