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  1. Custom Case for Nintendo Switch: Sheikah Slate
  2. First look at a piece of concept art for my web graphic novel
  3. question

    I do both. If I'm imagining an image I don't say "There is a tree in a wide open field with little yellow flowers blowing in the warm summer breeze. The Sky is blue with white puffy clouds casting shadows over the green field of waving grass.", I just think it and understand it. But if I'm thinking through my day my inner voice is talking through what needs to be done.
  4. I'd like to know how many people's lives I impacted and made better.
  5. I'm not a Katie Perry fan, which is why this is guilty pleasure:
  6. I'll just be the amused dad get get em', tiger.
  7. stream discussion

    Which is why you listen to the commentary. .
  8. For me, I look back on those streams as more a nostalgic feeling. That's really one of the only reasons, which is why I picked those three over all the others.
  9. stream discussion

    Jump... man...
  10. Picking 3 is tough... but of course I have to pick the first video I've seen from TMS, UG Wipeout. Also I'd have to pick the first livestream I watched live: And of course the first stream I was involved in (because I only watch videos with myself involved ): yep.. I think these are some of my favorites. My OG streams
  11. stream discussion

    That puzzle idea will certainly make a return in my next puzzle... but maybe more complicated. ..
  12. stream discussion

    *note to self, always add invisible barriers*
  13. Pizza Rooooooooooooooooolls! Microwave those things and it's almost like you're eating Instant Heart Attack! It's great!
  14. I've only 100%'ed Assassin's Creed Black flag on PC.