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  1. I'm not a Katie Perry fan, which is why this is guilty pleasure:
  2. I'll just be the amused dad get get em', tiger.
  3. stream discussion

    Which is why you listen to the commentary. .
  4. For me, I look back on those streams as more a nostalgic feeling. That's really one of the only reasons, which is why I picked those three over all the others.
  5. stream discussion

    Jump... man...
  6. Picking 3 is tough... but of course I have to pick the first video I've seen from TMS, UG Wipeout. Also I'd have to pick the first livestream I watched live: And of course the first stream I was involved in (because I only watch videos with myself involved ): yep.. I think these are some of my favorites. My OG streams
  7. stream discussion

    That puzzle idea will certainly make a return in my next puzzle... but maybe more complicated. ..
  8. stream discussion

    *note to self, always add invisible barriers*
  9. Pizza Rooooooooooooooooolls! Microwave those things and it's almost like you're eating Instant Heart Attack! It's great!
  10. I've only 100%'ed Assassin's Creed Black flag on PC.
  11. Das me on the left <<
  12. I'm actually a fan of country music. Seems like a majority dislike country music.
  13. Since you gave me a place to show off: Fantasia inspired centaur. Once again. This is over a year old.
  14. I honestly didn't care who won, I just wanted a good game. And the second half sure was a good game.