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  1. The first halo 4 advert with the heart beat etc. Man I loved thathttps://youtu.be/Y9iQiHNXgMU
  2. So first has to be a game from halo franchise, and although some will disagree, for me Halo 4 had the biggest effect on me, it was the game that made me think, right, im gonna get REALLY into the lore of a game, i read all the books available. Wiki'd alot of other things. It really kickstarted my online gaming aswell, i got xbox live in 2013, so halo was my goto game, i saved up and got my own tv xbox(instead of using family or brothers one) a big feat for a 13 year old, and i tried to engage with online players as much as possible. Second game would be midtown madness on the original xbox. When i was about 7 my dad gave me the old crt tv, and his old original xbox, since my bro had his own 360, and for me midtown really opened me up to driving/racing games, i put so many days into it, honestly. Space Pinball on windows xp. Yes seriously. At my old school, which i left in 2012, they hadnt updated the computers, so we had to struggle with XP, and since our internet was heavily restricted, my escape from the terrors of British Bording School was that game, i loved it, and again played it excessively. Halo 2, my first ever fps and xbox game, again i played on the original xbox, however i remember being like 3 years old when it first came out, and sitting on my parents with my brother and noticing the 'robot' on the cover had two guns in his hands. And eventually when i did get given the xbox, it was my most played game easily, it still looks beautiful to me to this day, especially that mission where arbiter sneaks around the covenant stronghold, nearer to the end of the game. Finally, I would have to say call of duty 2, that was the game my brother and I would play downstairs on the old 360, 1v1 all day long, since we didnt have Xblive. The campaign was really good, the atmosphere of climbing the rope on dday, or running through trenches in tundra flatlands, or my favourite bit, going through the desert in a tank. That was such a good game. Well there you have it, my list of games that i love or affected me as not only a gamer but in real life aswell, thanks for the great question as well MurDuck x
  3. halo news

    dont forget the MoR pack cost 120k for 3 per pack, so 150k for 9 seems decent doesnt it?
  4. CQB helmet looks disgusting
  5. halo news

    operator is my favourite in the selection, however imma cycle through them all, apart from CQB, cus its just gross.
  6. Was walking down the street, heard an ear piercing shreak to my left, turned, only to be met with a baseball bat, this was many years ago, and have been kept locked away, forced go watch readyuplive videos, then on that frightful night 12 months ago, a gentle whisper in my right ear said, 'it's wednesday my dudes', terrified for my life i felt compelled to do whatever it wanted, which at the time was watch the wipeout livestream, and have watched every single one since.
  7. ^this is very true.
  8. Thanks to everyone thats replied, rest assured ive been going through each reply, and watching the scenes i could find on youtube, holy hell some of this is great stuff
  9. Minotaur is pronounced mine-oh-tour Halo 5 has the best multiplayer Shakespeare sucked Halo wars is the worst (gameplay wise) I like optional microtransactions Pineapple does go on pizza Mcdonalds<Burger King
  10. i'm enlightened, but terrified for life
  11. Oh gosh I remember that, especially since im the younger sibling so had to play has Dom, man that hit me right in the feels, the voice acting was bloody good in that scene, man, making me sad now.
  12. Are there any game cutscenes, new or old, that hit you right in the feels? Or that you will never forget? For me it has to be the scene in halo 2 on Metropolis, where Chief walks over the marine and gets ready to cross the bridge. I thinks its the atmosphere, there's the drums in the back ground, hope seems to be hanging in the balance, and johnson delivers one of his classic lines. Truly a great cutscene, but I wanna know yours! Do share.
  13. None ive played games since i was 3 years old, never like fully fully 100%ed a game, completed stories? Of course, max rank? Of course but never completely.
  14. So I was having a discussion with some brevs and we had a fairly long walk down memory lane regarding some proper classic adverts. You know, the ones that were often so bad, they became iconic. Just wanted to see if anyone had any to share.
  15. Love you too Alvo, and everyone else here, youre all lovely people x