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  1. Ah yes, @Start a Riot's favorite.
  2. Just something I thought of a few days ago and decided to share. I'd love to see a lobby full of people like this!
  3. Do you have the Mark IV armor set in Halo 5? Do you have the Spirit of Fire weapon skins? If so, you can celebrate the launch of Halo Wars 2 within Halo 5! Any combination of colors or weapon skins is acceptable, but if you have the proper items unlocked, then you can go full Jerome-092 and storm the battlefields of Halo 5 as the leader of Red Team! Here are some screenshots to show off the look and to help show a list of everything you need to get it juuuuuust right! --------------------- Other than the weapon skins, that's everything you need! Let's fill the lobbies of Halo 5 with Mark IV Spartans and pay homage to Halo Wars 2 leading up to the worldwide launch!
  4. I completely agree with this.
  5. I just... *sigh* I just want them to remain a rock band make rock music with some rap/hip-hop mixed in. I don't want this techno-pop stuff. It's good, but it isn't LP and it's breaking my heart.
  6. Welcome! ...back? Glad you've returned to us!
  7. FAIL. Welcome.
  8. Scorpio and Halo are the obvious topics of discussion here, but it's what we haven't thought of that excites me. Whether it's unknown new games or new hardware to go along with Scorpio, it's going to be good!
  9. They've said before that they'd like to get away from numbered titles, so I'm not too sure if they'll do that this time around. Halo: Cortana Sounds pretty awesome to me, but it's a fairly generic and uneducated guess. I'll need to finish reading Halo: Fractures and beat the Halo Wars 2 story before I can make a final call here. I will agree that Halo: Reclaimer sounds awesome though!
  10. I still fear water in Halo to this day...
  11. When you have one of the rarest emblems in Destiny, this happens a lot...haha
  12. Spoken from experience? #rekt
  13. Welcome! An ex of mine recently moved to Brisbane and she's loving it there. So it can't be that bad, I guess. Haha
  14. Fancy PAX lunch with @Greenskull, @Rebel Rouser, @minolta1034, @Wardog, @Splice, @SMG90, @Nightrise, and Anthrax!
  15. It's similar to yours, but I'm pretty sure I used this a lot..?