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  1. Check this out guys. It was tweeted at me today and it's wonderful.
  2. Audi R8 No question. Also, hey @Rebel Rouser
  3. This thread is eggcellent.
  4. History and science. More specifically, American history and earth sciences. I love science, but I suck at math. The curse of a curious but lazy mind. Haha
  5. This! Sounds like we need to host more then. Welcome to the awesome, sir!
  6. If anyone in here says Hanzo, I will literally ban you. Not really, but I'd hover over the button for a solid 5 minutes.
  7. You do well with Bastion and Soldier. I don't know what you're talking about...haha
  8. Obviously my main is Pharah, but I'm also good with Soldier and Reaper on offense. Defense is definitely Junkrat or Mei for me. Tank? 🤔 I'd say Roadhog or D.va. Support is Mercy, of course!
  9. Play Nice. Play Pharah.
  10. I really hope that character is Fiona from Tales from the Borderlands.
  11. video

    I will never not love this. Don't ever change, @Soterios. We love you.
  12. This is an idea that I have had for a while now. Ever since I set foot in the Tower in Destiny for the first time and especially since the introduction of Spartan Companies in Halo 5. There's a wall of text coming, so brace yourselves. Social gathering areas in video games have been around for decades. Every MMORPG has them. They allow players to interact with each other outside of combat and without the intrusion of enemies. They can mingle, trade gear, craft/purchase new gear, accept new missions, and much more. It adds an area of depth that's not seen as much in other genres and it also adds a sense of community. Bungie has taken his concept and applied it to Destiny, which is a game that is both a mix of RPG and FPS. However, in Destiny, players can also join a "clan" and in doing so, become part of a group of like-minded players. Like other clans in other games, it gives the player a sense of not only belonging, but pride as well. Truly passionate clans can give it's members a sense of family as well, united in name and under a single banner. We here at Ready Up Live, have done this many times across many different games. Destiny, Titanfall 2, GTA V, and Halo 5 are just a few examples. My idea focuses on this and the social spaces I mentioned previously. Imagine having public social spaces much like the Tower, Vestian Outpost, and Iron Temple in Destiny, but also allowing clans to have their own private social spaces as well. A place only members of your clan can gather. These private social spaces could include clan-specific bounties that require members to complete together, vendors that offer gear only available to players that complete these challenges together as a clan, and even some-what customizable areas (hanging banners with the clan emblem, different styles of furniture, unique NPCs, and etc). Now, this would amazing for Destiny, sure...but imagine an area like this in a future Halo title. Imagine heading to your Spartan Company HQ and walking around in a 3rd person view, just like you do in Destiny. Fully clad in your customized armor with your helmet on (or off!) and with your choice of weapon on your back. Mingling with your fellow Spartans, finding teammates, checking out the daily challenges (that reward XP and/or credits), and talking to the NPC clan quartermaster who offers new armor, weapon skins, or emblems. No weapons, obviously...because this is Halo, after all. Only aesthetic gear here. Nothing that would offer any kind of advantage over other players. Want to look cool in Halo? Have a specific set or piece of armor that you want to wear? Then you have to EARN it. Not pray to RNGesus and hope you get it in a pack. (bleh!) I've thought about this quite a bit and I know there may be some issues with it. Logistical, technical, and other such details are obviously hurdles. However, we know the idea of a 3rd person social space in an FPS can work because of Destiny. The question is, do you think it's something that can be or even SHOULD be done in Halo? The discussion starts here, my friends! Also, if this gains enough positive attention, I'll look into making a video about it as well. I may include more images in this post as well, once I can get around to Photoshopping them to illustrate my point.
  13. Rebel's award needs to just be the Netflix logo.
  14. video

    Most of us know you too well to get this wrong. Haha