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  1. Obviously it is going to be something involving the 'mantle of responsibility'. Although i was quite disappointed with the 'guardian' name of halo 5 bc well yes there were guardians but i would have thought them to actually guard something or I dont understand the story that is also possible.
  2. Did someone say something about a golden warthog? Jaguar f-type tough, i'd say.
  3. Thanks for the info! Ill definitely do that. Im rocking recon;) EDIT: This is indeed true, I opened 3 more packs and got all the HSC weapons and the athlon armours I didn't yet have. Still left with 0.7 mill rp anyway. Cool, thought I was never going to get those.
  4. It must have taken forever to open all those gifted packs;)
  5. Discord: mantledFeanorNL (might change, suggestions are welcom) Gamertag: mantledFeanorNL Trueachievements.com gt Twitch: pootatotree (do not stream) Facebook: don't have Phone: some magic number First name: David but don't come near me i'm afraid of people (just kidding)
  6. Sometimes you get messages, from either people that are salty over their loss, or sometimes very constructive messages, both to be displayed in this thread. I'd like to think that alot of gamers send nice messages, so place them too please:-) Ill start of with this one from today: "your mods are weak and obvious" (well, ofcourse they are..., got 20 to 4 in swat against running players...)
  7. article

    Don't know much about tm law, yet I would say that the Ready up live name (and logo) is well enough established? There is something like an unregistered trademark. Anyhow, Cool to see all these change the site has been undergoing, to result in this is amazing, I was missing the forum and now its back in all its glory, yea. I have not been around that long, maybe three years or less?, cool enough though. Not sure about the white but if you feel comfortable that's most important. haha.
  8. Welcome to the community, fellow european
  9. All achievements isn't always 100%. Im at 99+ % atm on Trueachievements currently, but they don't count unstarted dlc. I have completed halo wars without dlc. I am 35 gs shy of mcc completion, H2 run is a pain and i have been putting it of for over a year now. Will get to it sometime;). Otherwise i tend to try to complete all my games. but im 20k> bc started a new profile around 1/2-1 year after xbox one launch. edit: can add final fantasy xv to the list now;)..
  10. I quite agree with you on that. Only Hardcore/hardstyle is not music, its noise;) (just my opinion, again, if others want to listen to it that's fine!) Metal is cool though.
  11. (join in please) Minoolta Minoooolta MINOOOLTA ! but seriously good job on the site.
  12. mmm, bit of a -in the moment thing- because I like all kinds of music... 70´s music classical, as long it is not played by 3 million high pitched strings.. rock sometimes pop not really
  13. haha, welcome to rul.
  14. 1. Halo 3. so we had the first xbox, but when the 360 came, this was something different to me. split screen and all. 2. Travian. probably not very known, is a strategy game. You have to find friends to work together with soon, basically. Nowadays it is 100% pay to win. 3. Runescape, yes, very embarrassing, worst game ever and all that, but I played it alot because so did my classmates. 4. Minecraft, many hours... 5. GTA top down and 3 games. I despise the GTAs, really hate them, but this is the game we got to play at friend houses when I was younger. It was always this game. we took turns after deaths. As you can tell these are by far not my most favourite game (or franshises) anymore, by a long shot. 3 of them are horrible games. Only the halo franshise i keep in high esteem still. Minecraft is stil okay as well. If that was a game I could have played as a child it would have the only game I would have been playing, because all other games as you can see were mostly pc. And it is not as expensive to buy in comparison to other games still. I didn´t even become member on runescape because it was a subscription of 5 euro per month. I never owned a xbox then, but rather played on my brother´s one and mostly halo.
  15. welcome