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  2. Calculus III Seriously. The application for multi-variable integrals is incredible.
  3. I eat chicken, but it is THE WORST meat. Let me prove it to you. What's your favorite way to eat chicken? Your answer is probably some form of it being doused in sauce or flavoring to make it taste and have the texture of anything else. Beef? Oh yeah. A steak. Which is....a piece of cow cooked. Perhaps with salt and pepper. Beef >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Chicken
  4. Blink 182. I just want to rock out naked and make immature jokes all day.
  5. For attacking : Soldier 76 For defending : Soldier 76 For objective : Soldier 76
  6. Have you tried out site on mobile? It's pretty darn optimized for it. Looks fantastic.
  7. Howdy howdy howdy
  8. Take charge of eating people : Me
  9. Bwaaahahahahahhahaha NEVER !
  10. Given the style of game, I'm a little annoyed by the loss of certain cosmetic items. Weapons/armor/etc...sure...don't bring those through. I do, however, want a real indicator of my dedication to the game. I want my year 1/2/3 triumph emblems and shaders.
  11. God I want her babies in me.
  12. Halo hasn't been great since 2009.
  13. King Arthur "Merlin. If I am to die in battle, please do not let me die bewildered."
  14. They knowingly launched a title was was broken and unfinished. It wasn't a "Oh no it doesn't work as well as we thought."