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  1. news

    Uno 2 : The Stranger's Genitals
  2. Personally, I much prefer the 'Destiny' style of DLC over almost anything else. You pay money. You get content. I want to pay developers money for content. The micro-transaction models (IMO) has done nothing but pad pockets, not improve content for players.
  3. I would be the Floridian Gym I would have six Alolan form Raichus The gym would be in @Chewy 's house.
  5. I'm not a fan of the current direction the story is going, so I'm going to just go with what I want. Halo : The Fall of Reach
  6. Wait? That's ACTUALLY Linkin Park? That uhhh....what? I haven't really been much of a fan since Meteora, but this sounds so far removed. This track could easily be David Guetta ft. Some Random Pop Girl
  7. Obviously @Spillanya
  8. The achievements used to be a challenge. "Do this mission but blindfolded on one leg" No they're just "Do this mission"
  9. If you buy a second, third, fourth, you'll unlock the HCS weapon skins and Athlon Champion Armor.
  10. TAKUMIIIIIIIIIII! I'll be in the look out for an FD later this year. It'll be white though. Still might sneak a Red Suns sticker on it.
  11. Bro are we about to rap about Initial D?
  12. I've legit never heard this song.
  13. Hmmmm.... All my local friends call me Paul All my wacky internet friends call me Paul, but sometimes Soterios or Shark.