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  1. #TruthTheHunt
  2. In High School I had a class called 'Visual Communication & Design' aka VisCom, where it covered both digital and 'analogue' design - the basic aspects of graphic design, architecture, advertisement/branding. It was the only class I looked forward to attending, because it was so chill, and it was something I actually enjoyed doing/learning.
  3. For each class: Pharah (Offense), Mei (Defense), Roadhog (Tank), Mercy (Support) I'd say my playstyle is more of a filler, I choose any suitable hero for the team comp
  4. Was looking through my drawings and remembered this idea: Halo Raceway (FPS to Racing) Arcade-style racing game set in Halo Universe, with a wide variety of stylised halo characters and locations. Forge/Track editor that lets you build a track from scratch, changing the circuit, scenery and placed objects I can see this being similar to 'Motor Kombat', the racing game in Mortal Kombat Deception, where each character has their own unique vehicle and ability - Arbiter lobs plasma grenades in front of him, disrupting players caught in the blast zone, Yabda shoots Plasma Pistol charges to stop other players momentarily, Cortana can distort other players' UI, making it hard to see whats up ahead etc.
  5. I would most likely be scavenging/ gathering materials and building stuff for the tribe. Building huts, beds, weapons etc. .....Or probably be sleeping most of the time
  6. I loved being able to play the minigames and ride the roller coasters in 1st person. I hope to get the sequel when its on sale....but man that game was unique.
  7. We all love video games, but there are times where we wonder if our favourite franchises/series had a spin-off game that played completely different to any existing game in the series. Like Halo Wars to the Halo series, Hearthstone to the World of Warcraft series, and multiple Super Mario and Pokemon games. What other games do you think should have a spin-off title, how would they play differently? Write your proposal below, including the series, the genres that its switching into, and AT MOST 3 dot points to draw people in. Heres an example: Pokemon - (RPG to MMO) You have access to all regions and aiming to be the the best Pokemon Master - Starting in Kanto, you choose your next region after defeating the E4/Champion. Aside from catching and battling with Pokemon, you are also aiming to build your house/base in the region, forming clans, having a job/family and doing quests (of course) Customisation for everything including your player, house/base, and your Pokemon.
  8. It's already much better than the support for the WiiU, I'm glad to see Binding of Isaac and Jackbox release on the console. But I agree, if we dont see huge titles releasing on the Switch this holiday....thats a huge problem. 1st party games are also as important, nothing so far has made me go "holy shit YES!"....I'm honestly just waiting for Pokemon or Animal Crossing.
  9. Chicken for sure! Grilled, crispy fried, marinated....oh lawdy. A medium cooked steak is also pretty amazing, but chicken is just too good
  10. Oh Boy.....I was obsessed when ACNL came out, I got my 3DS because of it. I haven't played in such a long time, and when I do - I return to a city full of weeds, bed hair, and the whole town reminding me how long I've been away XD. I've finally finished my house expansion and have been just saving up bells and trying to upgrade the Nooklings Store. But Happy Home Designer is where its at....I prefer building houses and making clothing designs, so glad theres a game just for that. I'll post some screenshots and designs whenever I have the time
  11. I understand your reasoning since Overwatch is just a 'Multiplayer game with no campaign'. But it's not just about the gameplay or how enjoyable it is, but the impact it had on gaming as a whole, in 2016. Overwatch was everywhere. Also, I thought the majority of fans hated how HIMYM ended. It was god awful, and was probably the worst way they couldve ended that series.
  12. YES! I JUST bought batteries a couple of days ago to revive them and oh boy.....the memories. I have V2 and V4 that I would always check before and after school, I'd go on the website and connect my Tamagotchis online, and I also remember the cheatcodes to give yourself fancy items. I think its when they started doing the '4 tamagotchis on screen' versions, i just lost interest
  13. I have a massive appreciation for both; the techniques, quality and the process. I like the tactility of drawing with a pencil on paper, and getting instant feedback, but I also enjoy the convenience of digital drawing and applications. I think you need a strong foundation in traditional art before you switch to digital, this is something I didn't do and I wish I did. I would've wanted to learn more about drawing techniques, colors, line weight, figure and motion - but at the same time, I've been learning so much about art-styles and illustrations. I occasionally do some traditional work with watercolours and copic rendering, but I mainly draw with my Wacom + Photoshop, and get brushes that emulate those styles.
  14. Hyperlinks? You highlight the text you want to link and click on the chain icon in the toolbar, then you enter the URL that you want people to check out. Example: LINK HERE
  15. Gardevoir tho!