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  1. Drawing.
  2. I cook mostly pasta, and do different variations of sauces. I sometimes have spontaneous cooking nights with my friends/family, where we cook to a certain theme/culture. Like when we decided to do 'American' food: Chili cheese fries, Mac n Cheese and Hot wings. Currently trying to get into baking - a couple weeks back I was going a bit crazy over cheesecake, and successfully baked one with no cracks and the perfect compote
  3. Same here, I would've loved a full fight scene instead of those quick cuts. I was amazed at how the sentinels threw themselves at the ship just to destroy it, don't think I've seen anything like that before (swarm technology amazes me). Isabel's choreography when firing the ships beam was interesting, she was waving her arms around moving glyphs and symbols, and it was hard to understand what she was doing with them exactly. Kinda similar to the prologue scene, where Anders is doing multiple gestures and moving holographic images around.....the characters are more animated with tech/UI.
  4. If you were a Pokemon Gym Leader, what type would you specialize in? Which Pokemon would you use? - Specialize in ONE Pokemon type, must be the primary type - 3 to 6 Pokemon in your Team I'd specialize in GRASS-types, not sure how this team would do competitively, I just think they look cool Breloom Ferrothorn Venusaur Decidueye Torterra Tsareena
  5. Halo 6: Reclamation sound about right. Halo 6: Precursor, Halo 6: Ascension, Halo 6: Champions Also.... Halo 6: Angry AI Halo 7: Where's Arby? Halo 8: Halsey finally gets a prosthetic arm
  6. Here are some screens of my Armor, so pick any of them. I really like the Hermes armor - as it works well with a majority of helmets. I used to have colour in my armor, but all black is pretty neat - it gives off that spec ops vibe Helmet: Operator GEN1 Armor: Hermes Visor: Secrets
  7. I LOVE 'What is love?'...I didnt think it would be a guilty pleasure song because a lot of people actually like it
  8. It's only been a couple of weeks but I'm really enjoying my time with my love...
  9. Other than Scribs/Scribble, I was given the nickname 'Bilog' as a toddler, which translates to 'circle/round' in Tagalog. I'm always surprised by the number of relatives and family friends that refer to me as that when I travel back to the Philippines.
  10. Beauty and the Beast tho! I'm looking forward to Power Rangers and Iron Fist as well
  11. We all have songs that we don't want to admit to liking, whether it be the artists, genre, or even the music video. What are some of your guilty please sure songs that you just HAVE to jam to? Here are some of mine... The explicit version of 'Get Low' of course
  12. game

    Granted, the community is more positive and supportive, but the game is now incredibly unstable and buggy. I wish I had better eyesight.
  13. Oh! Thanks for that, I was wondering why my URL looked odd, i'm guessing it led you to your own profile?
  14. Happy Birthday Scribs, you slimy barramundi

    I don't even know you, but hey, its ur birthday so. I don't have any pictures of you (cos i don't actually know you and all) but here are some other pics that will serve as a substitute

    1. Steve Jobs

      Steve Jobs

      or you know, no pictures, thats fine to


    2. Scribs


      Ahahaha thank you!

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