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  1. I thought 343 said that their not going to put numbers in future Halo games? So it's going to be Halo: something.
  2. My earliest memory was me falling off a bed and breaking my leg.
  3. Military Police
  4. halo news

    I have 120,000 req points atm, I'm gonna try and get the rest today. The helmet I'm most excited for is the Military Police.
  5. I only started watching the first season recently and I'm enjoying it so far. Looking forward to watch series two.
  6. I like this shade
  7. Thanks
  8. One reason I really like this trailer is the music. I hope this game is made backward compatible. I really want to play it again.
  9. I like a variety of food. Here's a few I like. Pizza, Fish pie, Curry, Roast dinner(Sunday Roast), Lasagna. This list could go on for a while so I'll stop.
  10. Thanks
  11. Hello, I'm earthdefender00. I have been a subscriber to RUL on Youtube for nearly a year and a half now, and I only heard recently that was this website we're on now was here. So I thought I'll join. So here's some information about myself. 1) I live in the UK, more specifically Wales. 2) My favorite video game franchises are Halo and Assassin's creed. If you have any questions about myself do ask. Thanks for reading.