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    Halo 4v4 ZB Slayer Ladder

    Attention all competitive teams! is unleashing a new 4v4 ladder! Do you and your squad have what it takes to hold your own against other competitive teams? We have several new maps from some excellent forgers from around the Halo Universe, ready for you to compete on!

    The top team at the end of the ladder will win Halo 4! Check the video, hit the link for more details & signup info!

    Signup Details & More Info

    (Remember that if you sign up, that Sundown referred you)
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    Who's up for doing a RUL team?

    TJ-Roots on PS4, TJRoots on xbox live, add me

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    The ladder is now open! Bring your best 4, and come sign up today!

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    We hit Waypoint!

    It has also come to my attention some people have not bee able to view the full announcement without an account on our forums. No worries! Non-forum announcement page:

    What are you waiting for! Come sign up and take our money! (Or our Halo 4 copies, you know..)

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    We are entering the second month of our ladder! Currently, The HaloTracker team "Circadian Rhythm" comprised of Darkened Night and Pwii, is in the lead! The ladder is still open to teams, and of course the sooner you signup, the better chance you will have at taking our top prize of Halo 4! That's right, 4 copies of Halo 4 are still on the line!

    Again, more Details:

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