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    Thumbs up Adding Mods to Minecraft (Old and New Launcher)

    Hello world!

    AcidElement here to teach you about Mods, modifications, add-ons, or just those thing-a-ma-jigs that make you cheat in a game... Well good thing for you minecraft users, ITS NOT CHEATING! W00T! Notch actually approves mods and such cause it inspires him on what else he could add to the long list of items and effects to the game. I will be explaining about how to install mods and the many different mods that are out there! And please read everything and follow the instructions in order

    How to Install Mods on Windows (OLD LAUNCHER)

    Step 1: Install 7zip here

    7zip allows you to go inside your minecraft.jar file and add things such as mods. (Free unlike the limited usage that WinRAR gives you)

    Step 2 : Back up your minecraft.jar. This is so in case if anything goes wrong, you have a backup of course!

    In order to do this, click start, then go to the search bar and search "Run" (no quotes please). In the run search bar, search %appdata%. This is where all your minecraft data is stored.

    In this file, open the .minecraft file, then open the bin file. In this bin file you should see minecraft.jar, or just regular minecraft for some people, just copy and paste the file on your desktop or where ever you keep things safe (aka pr0n , jk jk jk)

    Step 3: Open the minecraft.jar file in the bin folder, not the back up in your keep away folder, using 7zip (just right click and hit open, should open with it, or do it the sort of long way...) by right clicking the file and click 7zip, then Open Archive.

    There should be a window with a navigation menu that say things like "Add" and "Extract To" and an archive of files and folders below.

    Step 4:
    Delete META-INF, this folder holds the files that keep watch over the version and the code, and makes minecraft in-executable if the code has changed. Do not worry, this file is not crucial for the game to run so it can be deleted. This is though crucial in modding so if you want to mod you have to delete it.

    Step 5: Open the mod file using 7zip (once downloaded to your desktop or where ever, right click and open archive as did with minecraft.jar).

    Any mod will do, as long as its compatible with your version of minecraft. Once open, drag all the .class files from the mod file over to the minecraft.jar file window, and click OK on the pop up window.

    Step 6: If there is any notepad files inside the archive that are named readme, or a folder inside the archive containing notepad files and the folder is called Readme or Read this!... Please read them before installing! They may contain crucial information about where to put some of the folders/.class files! Some mods require certain .class files to be in certain places, or certain folders to be in certain places; these notepads may hold that information!

    How to Install Mods on ANY OS (NEW LAUNCHER)

    Step 1: Create a new Minecraft Profile for you to mod. I will being using Minecraft Version 1.7.2 as an example.

    This Profile will need to be the same version as the mod you are trying to install requires. You will not need to back up anything in the New Launcher because if something goes wrong, you can just create a new profile to play the original Minecraft on.

    In order to do this, open the Minecraft launcher. Click the "New Profile" button on the bottom right of the window. Name it 1.7.2_Modded, and choose version 1.7.2 in the "Use Version" drop down box.

    Step 2: Find, and rename .jar and .json files inside your version folder.

    Inside the launcher window, click the "Edit Profile" button, and then click the "Open Game Dir" to open the game's directory files.
    Open the "Versions" folder and find your "1.7.2_Modded" folder. Inside this folder you should find two files called 1.7.2.jar and 1.7.2.json. Rename both of these files "1.7.2_Modded.jar" and "1.7.2_Modded.json" respectively.

    Step 3: Open and Modify the 1.7.2_Modded.json file.

    Open the 1.7.2_Modded.json file using any type of text editor; notepad for example. Replace "id":"1.7.2" with "id":"1.7.2_Modded", save and close the editor.

    Step 4: Open both the 1.7.2_Modded.jar archive, and the archive containing the mod. I will be using the wonderful AcidRain! mod for example.

    Copy and Paste all the files contained inside the mod folder into the the 1.7.2_Modded.jar archive.

    *DELETE* The META-INF folder inside the 1.7.2_Modded.jar. Save and exit both archives.

    There ya go!! Mod installed!! Now just see if your minecraft starts up properly and if your mod works!!

    How to Uninstall Mods (OLD LAUNCHER)

    The only best process that is fast and easy is by Force Updating your minecraft.jar file to start off fresh. Now this will delete all mods added to the minecraft.jar file because it downloads a brand new, up to date minecraft.jar file in its place. In order to do this, you open your minecraft.exe launcher, and on the screen you click the Options button. A new window will pop up that has a "Force Update!" button and a hyperlink to the location of your .minecraft folder. Click the "Force Update!" button and then click Done. Then you just normally log into Minecraft and it will automatically download a new fresh minecraft.jar file!

    Essential and Most Recommended Mods

    [1.0.0] Risugami's Modloader v1.0.0: This is a Manager and an Organizer that helps many other mods process and work. This is very useful if you have many mods installed at the same time, and many mods require this to be used. Forum and Download here:

    Risugami's AudioMod v1.0.0: This mod updates the audio system to allow support for three new file types that many mods may have, and allows the ability to add custom music. Also required for many mods to be used. Forum and Download here:

    [1.0.0] Minecraft Forge API (requires Modloader before installing): This "mod" is an API that adds features to Risugami's Modloader! It makes it possible for multiple mods to work together and helps out when you have tons of mods on your minecraft.jar! Also some mods require this API mod because it uses the API in the mod itself. Forum, More Details, and Download here:

    [1.0.0] Risugami's Recipe Book v1.0.0 (requires Modloader): This mod adds a recipe book that shows you every craft able item from the normal minecraft items to the items in any mod you have installed at the time! Forum and Download here:

    [1.0.0] Single Player Commands v3.0.1: This mod allows you to access the talk feature like in SMP but in SP so you can talk to yourself! Jk Jk, it allows you to put in specific commands into the text box and you can do a variety of things such as turn weather on and off (and what kind), change time, change spawn point, and even warp to a specific coordinates. Also allows you to spawn items using the data values but if you have the Too Many Items mod you don't need this specific command. More Details, Forum, and Download Here:

    Any problems in my instructions that you see please inform me with comments below thank you for reading! Hope it helped!

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    Hmm this is way more clean tutorial than most that you can see online, good work.

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    So much more simple then those long winded pieces of tripe I see all the time. Good post
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    lol i noticed somebody changed the thread name xD lol Adding mods to minecraft does sound better

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    i wanted to but i really don't know how to make a screenshot then upload it to the thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by AcidElement View Post
    i wanted to but i really don't know how to make a screenshot then upload it to the thread
    For windows or linux:Hit printScreen (Should be above the arrow keys)
    Just open any picture program (Gimp,Photoshop)
    And go to File-paste.

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    changed some things in the method of modding (for instance i don't use WinRAR anymore for it having limited time usage unlike 7zip) and added new mods to the cool mods part

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    Awesome tutorial! Might need a little more explanation about ModLoader though, as a lot of the mods out need/require it.

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