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    custom minecraft city map

    well this is my first custom map of a huge city, please download, and leave a comment.

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    You've clearly put a lot of work into it. It looks amazing. I also like the little details, especially the sign in the 'wash your hands' sign in Mcdonalds.

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    thanks, also this is just version v 0.1, it will eventually have many more buildings

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    This is an amazing map... please add more buildings, the hotel is awesome, and please add an airport for planes mod. Vehicles mod good for the roads. Links here

    Thanks for making map.

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    Nice! I feel like RUL has not been as Minecraft-y active as it used to be.
    What IS premium anyways?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steviathon View Post
    Nice! I feel like RUL has not been as Minecraft-y active as it used to be.
    I would be down to get back into minecraft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iMeax View Post
    I have a map too

    Its very good, much bigger than mine

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