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    I found this today, it's a psb7 session with Gary Galka. The responses are amazing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by i ic3 c01d i View Post
    I found this today, it's a psb7 session with Gary Galka. The responses are amazing.

    oh wow! Crazy stuff!

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    Finally watched the episode. Pretty amazing.

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    I don't like the idea of ghosts or spirits or whatever you want to call them, mostly because it is creepy. >.> Not saying they don't exist a lot of factors say they do, but that is really cool stuff, i am definitely a little shaky now.

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    It was trippy. I'm watching the latest episode right now actually. I heard it was cool. ALSO...I ordered my PSB7 finally. Getting it within a week .

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    Although these kinds of videos and recordings are compelling and exceptionally creepy, they for me are not enough evidence to convince me they are real..or at least what we think they are. I am not calling those who makes these recording and videos liars by any means, I am just not convinced they are dead people speaking to the living. I do however belive in the spiritual realm, so I will not rule how the validity of these recordings, but to know for certain they are "dead" people I am just not convinced.
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    When you use a psb7 and get an intelligent response one after another. It's hard not to believe. You just have to witness it in action. I've seen that thing blow people's minds and freak them out to no end. It's impossible for a voice to pop out like that through a radio station when it's sweeping through them super fast. When you hear a sentence on one, you'll get what I'm saying.

    The only reason this isn't a science yet is because you can test it in a controlled environment. It's all so random and lots of things factor into how we can hear them speak and see them manifest. Technology now is advancing quickly and we're learning more and more about the other side as the days go by.
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    Awesome videos dude.

    I have to get back into the whole Ghosthunting thing. I got discouraged because we seem to be hitting so many walls with accessing locations. There's a certain tours company over here who pretty much has a monopoly over most historical sites when it comes to hauntings and stuff. They're only interested in making money off the back of it all though, and trying to shut out legit paranormal companies.

    Alas, they're having amazing success at it.

    All BrisbaneAPI has gotten for the last eight months is private house calls... which, don't get me wrong, can be really interesting.
    But I'd rather be doing larger sites and also not restricted by clients as to what "evidence" I can use for the site. :/

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    I've found a lot of areas around here, some of which have been on Ghost Adventures. I'm trying my damndest to get permission to do a full blown investigation of the Bell Witch Cave and Plantation. For some reason, they have it on lockdown when it comes to groups wanting to investigate the place because it got out of hand in 2010. Gah it really gets under my skin. I wanna be the first person to do a psb7 session in two weeks. I may be able to do it because they allow "audio" equipment lol. We'll see, I'll be calling them tomorrow.

    Our upcoming big investigations will be the Bell Witch Cave (the gimped version probably lol), Hales Bar and Marina (featured on Ghost Adventures), Waverly Hills Sanatorium (Ghost Adventures/Paranormal Challenge/Ghost Hunters), The Old South Pittsburgh Hospital (Ghost Adventures/Paranormal Challenge), and Mammoth Cave (not sure if it's haunted, but it's amazing. There's no telling what's in there.) I live close to Bobby Mackey's as well, but I sincerely doubt I'll ever go there. There's just too much bad mojo there. I know from what some people I know tell me and from what I've seen on Ghost Adventures. I get bad vibes just by looking at the place.

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    I'm thinking of investing in a psb7. I'm just not sure which model is best nor the best place to acquire said device.

    I want to do this mostly out of personal curiosity and the desire to know what is unknown.

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    This should help you out SMG. Very very informative .

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