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    I haven't been able to post a thread on my beloved Halo in awhile because of everyone else beating me to it!(thanks for that btw ;P)

    But I compiled a interest review of the grunts progression in halo, looks wise that is.

    Left to Right: Halo 3, Halo: Reach, Halo 4
    as you see they are very similar, but the Halo 4 grunt seems to have lost the pointy head/very small head features and been replaced with a much broader/larger head and neck, what is your feel on the vast change/ no explanation of the vast change?

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    looks awesome
    looks scary kinda
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    I think I like how the new one looks in general, the more menacing nature of the grunt is good. The change of the methane breathing apparatus really throws me off though.

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    I think they look goofy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jawwi View Post
    I think they look goofy.
    no u

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    They have always been more silly than scary. The funny tag lines and the fact that they have been the weakest enemy has been there trademark since the beginning. This new look seems to divert some of that. Also, I wonder if they will be harder to spot and get headshots with out the pointy top and darker features. The armor is really completely different.
    I like Halo is a pretty cool guy. eh kills aleins and doesnt afraid of anything.
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    I like them better.

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    They look like Hobbes from Fabel 2, I don't think they look bad but I don't know If I like the change.
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    UPDATE: BS Angel has told us exactly why it is this way, 343i explained it in a way such as some dogs are great danes, and some are yorkies. They have more info coming soon, BUT for now that is about all they have said!

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