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    Best Xbox 360 Minecraft Seeds

    I have a fun thing for RULers to try! When creating a new game in Minecraft for the 360, enter something into the "Seed for the World Generator" line and post here talking about it! Let's try to find the best and most interesting seeds!

    Did you know I run a very popular YouTube channel (with over 80,000 Subscribers)? We even have a funny Minecraft Seeds series!
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    You can take a screenshot by pressing Start then Y. It will upload a pic to your Facebook account. Simply host the file somewhere (here on your profile, preferably) and link to it so we can see what the world looks like!

    Note: Seeds are case sensitive, so make sure you're typing it EXACTLY as you did in the game.

    Here's a cheat sheet of the biomes so you can better describe the map.

    Minecraft World Seed - Biome? Description? Points of interest? Rating out of 10?


    Season 3 - This seed features some impressive rock formations, a floating village, and many biomes. 8/10


    Below are some cool Minecraft seeds!

    Ready Up Live - In this seed land is scarce, but the beautiful cave formations make up for it. Sometimes you spawn at the bottom of the ocean in a deep ravine! 7/10

    Jurassic Pork - This seed features two villages close together, flat land, and even great mountains. 8/10

    The Best Seed - This seed is a water world with only a few islands and not a single tree. 7/10

    Porkaxe - In this seed you spawn beside a well and a pit of lava. There are many cool mountains and a massive Nether Fortress. 9/10

    Bricka Bricka - This seed has a lot of land and a large river system as well as interesting mountains and plenty of villages. 8/10

    Run For Your Life - This seed has a lot of variety with some beautiful mountain formations. 8/10

    Get Lucky - This seed reminds me of a map from the Elder Scrolls universe. Snow, swamp, mountains, and everything else you need to keep your adventure going. 7/10

    S2 Live Stream - For the season finale of Best Minecraft Seeds I hosted a live stream on the seed S2 Live Stream. This episode is a compilation of highlights from the 7 hour live stream event. The seed itself features some cool mountain formations for all your building needs.

    While waiting for a new episode, check out my new series! (Don't worry, Best Minecraft Seeds is still going! New episode coming soon!)

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    OLD SEEDS (They do not work the same with 1.8.2, HOWEVER the videos are still hilarious and worth watching!)

    beagle bagle - TONS of interesting mountains and caves. 10/10

    GRAYWS - Plenty of cliffs and trees. Easy to get lost. 9/10

    gargamel - Massive cliffs and perilous edges. 10/10

    10110101 -Iinteresting cliffs and arches, as well as expansive caves with plenty of iron, gold, and diamonds. 8/10

    Start a Riot - A very diverse seed with large beaches, lots of clay and cacti, and floating cliff formations. 8/10

    worstseedever - In this seed you spawn beside a dungeon that leads to an expansive cave with PLENTY of diamonds, gold, and other goodies. 10/10

    In The Nether - This seed has some great mountain and cave formations, but it really shines once you enter the Nether. The Nether is the emptiest Nether we've seen, forcing you to make large bridges to traverse it. 8/10

    Glacier - This seed is filled with floating mountains and a plethora of interesting cave formations. 10/10

    Fotus - Inspired by the armour in Halo 4, this seed has plenty of giant natural floating formations and deep caves with diamonds! 10/10

    2129757933 - In this special episode of Best Minecraft Seeds we celebrate the 5th anniversary of Ready Up Live and reaching 20,000 Subscribers by showing you through the town that was created by fans on our Minecraft Playdate.

    RUL Crew - This seed has a variety of different areas, ranging from vast plains to mountains. 8/10

    404 - Arguably the most famous seed of all time.In this seed, there's an area of gravel that you can break to open up a giant cave system filled with diamonds and other rare blocks! 10/10

    - Normal biome with some extremely tall natural formations and random spots of lava. 6/10

    Ready Up Live - Forest/Desert biome. Trees everywhere. Amazing cliff walls. Plenty of Interesting beach/sand formations. 7/10

    Bingo Bango Bongo - Perfect mix of Forest/Desert/Water biomes. 7/10

    Forward Unto Dawn - Normal biome. Hilly and mountainous with interesting cave formations. 7/10

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buffdaddy Jamal View Post
    beagle bagle
    beagle bagle is amazing! Cliffs everywhere!

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    oh yeah the 404 challenge still works on xbox cause of 1.6.6 land generation!

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    lots of dungeons and really hard with enemies enabled

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    Quote Originally Posted by SneakyCheese View Post
    oh yeah the 404 challenge still works on xbox cause of 1.6.6 land generation!
    what's the 404 challenge?

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    One side of the map is very lush with tons of trees, valleys, and caves...while the other half is made up of very wide open areas and "rolling" hills.

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    Seed: Dead Mau5
    Biome: Everything
    Description: Pretty cool landscape of cliffs, deserts, lava, etc.
    Rating: 9/10
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greenskull View Post
    what's the 404 challenge?
    you have to spawn the world and have until nighttime to gather your resources. when the sun sets you have to break gravel at a certain place and it will fall down in a chain reaction. the cave under the gravel is the challenge, you have to survive in there as long as possible without using torches as a lightsource. you get points for every monster you kill and material you mine. if you die the challeng ends

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    404 challenge is hard but that cave is super cool.

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