Halo 2 Anniversary Terminals

Looking for the Halo 2 Anniversary terminals? Don’t fret! You’ve come to the right place. Just follow our written or video guide below and you’ll be well on your way to finding all the terminals!

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Cario Station, “Progress through the level until you return to the armoury from the first level of the game and witness the Master Gunnery Sargent get killed. The Terminal is located on the wall among other buttons and screens.”

Outskirts, “Progress through the level until you get to the beach section. The terminal is located on the third beach and can be found in a concrete looking building roughly in the middle of the beach.”

Metropolis, “Progress through the mission until you find the clearly marked Lethbridge Industrial building. Once you’ve found it go inside and up the stairs. The Terminal will be hidden behind some boxes next to the mounted turret.”

The Arbiter, “Progress through the level until you reach a room with two blue conveyor belts transferring things left and right. This room will have two levels. The terminal will be hidden on the the second level located to the right of the door to the next area.”

The Oracle, “Progress through the level until you locate the room where the Flood and the Heretics are fighting. Break the glass, jump down, and head left. You’ll find the Terminal behind a wall near a locked door.”

Delta Halo, “Early on in the level you have to activate a bridge with switch. The Terminal is on the left wall in the switch room.”

Regret, “Progress through the level until you enter the underwater temple. Once underwater you will come across a room with a giant hologram. You’ll find the Terminal on the wall behind it.”

Sacred Icon, “Progress through the level until you drop down and see the beautiful Forerunner building in the skybox. Go around the wall on the right side of this room and you’ll find the Terminal”

Quarantine Zone,”Progress through the level until you come across the burning building. The Terminal is located in the glowing orange room opposite of where you enter. It is behind the small pillared area.”

Gravemind,”Progress through the level until you come to the first outdoor area. You should be able to spot the Terminal once you’re outside. Kill all of the enemies around you and proceed towards the door. Once you’re at the door head left to the Jackal sniper perch and you’ll find the Terminal”

Uprising,”Progress through the level until you hit the outdoor area with Wraiths. You’ll know you’re in the right location if you see both a waterfall and a Wraith. Head up the path. Behind one of the pillars towards the end of the path you’ll find the Terminal.”

High Charity,”After the massive battle, head through the giant pink doors into a room that has a sword sitting on the table. Look to your left and you’ll find the Terminal on the wall.”

The Great Journey, “Progress through the level until you get to the cells where Elites and Hunters are being held. You’ll find the Terminal in the middle cell, right side, top floor..”