RUL Staff

Dan Hammill : Founder & Chairman

Dan Hammill


Founder & Chairman

Hey I'm Dan "Greenskull" Hammill. I founded this here website back in 2007 when it was just a simple forum. Making vlogs on YouTube for fun, I never expected the channel to take off as much as it did. It quickly became a major asset to the network and an integral part of the Ready Up Live brand. I'm a major Halo fan and an avid FPS player. I'm also a Microsoft Xbox MVP and do some freelance writing around the web.

Josh Heldman : Social Media Manager

Josh Heldman

"Rebel Rouser"

Social Media Manager

Hey! I'm Josh, or as most of you know me Rebel. I'm the Chief Executive officer of Ready Up Live & a serious gamer! I've been a member of the Ready Up Live team since 2010 and love every minute of it. As the CEO I'm here to help guide Ready Up Live into the exciting future! My number one goal is to keep the site the "friendliest gaming community on the web!",  so if you're not a member already, you should consider signing up today and joining the fun! If you have any questions or concerns tweet at me or use our contact form!

Jessica Socarras : Community Manager

Jessica Socarras

"Start a Riot"

Community Manager

*Stands up on chair* There we go; now you all can see me. Hi everyone! My name's Jessica, but most just call me Riot. I'm RUL’s Community Manager and can be seen working on just about everything from managing the forums, to hosting community events, and taking care of social media. Also, I'm slightly obsessed with sparkly stuff, Apple products, in-game customizations, claymores, and yeah okay I should stop. Happy gaming!

Dustin Dailey : Social Media Specialist

Dustin Dailey


Social Media Specialist

Hi there! My name is Dustin Dailey, but "Drax" is a much cooler sounding name, so let's stick with that one shall we? I'm RUL's Creative Manager! I have been an avid member of the Halo community since the early days of Halo 2 and I eventually became a Bungie Allstar, thanks to a few of my awesome screenshots. I joined RUL in February 2011 and it has since become my digital home.

Jeff Wood : Website Designer

Jeff Wood


Website Designer

Who am I? Well, that is a complex question. Some people say I am a space cat riding chipmunk philosopher with a strange taste for expired meats …but that’s not who I am. Really, I am just a guy who has loved technology and video games for his entire life. I grew up in northern Canada and I have been tearing apart computers and gaming as long as I can remember. I’m also that YouTube guy with a beard.

Tyler Bourgaize : Editor

Tyler Bourgaize



Hey there, I’m Tyler, but you can call me Ty (or Zerty). My job here is to help manage and produce exciting new content for the site, including news, reviews, editorials and much more! I’m always around if you have any questions or concerns, RUL related or not, so feel free to Tweet or message me and I’ll do my best to help! Outside RUL I work as a retail manager and spend any free time ahem pursuing interests in geocaching, wine, philosophy, rock/metal music and probably completing yet another run of Resident Evil 4...

Adrian Cajili : Community Coordinator

Adrian Cajili


Community Coordinator

G'day I'm Adrian AKA Scribbles, an RUL Content Producer that writes and draws mostly gaming related stuff. I'm also known for the 'Cartoon Spartans' and various drawings posted around RUL's Twitter and Facebook. Got a great idea for a RUL/gaming-related cartoon/drawing? send it my way on Twitter or Facebook. Outside of RUL, I study Industrial Design, sing, play A LOT of video games and love getting drunk on bubbletea :3

Mat Olson : Community Coordinator

Mat Olson


Community Coordinator

Hello, sir/madam! Plastic guitar virtuoso, enjoyer of Japanese animated television, and drinker of fine teas, at your service; But you can call me Mar. Or Sparkles. Why not give me a new name? I'm one of those guys you see doing things around the site. Specifically, writing articles about games and posting the odd funny picture, among other things. I'm always down to play with the community, so why aren't you on my friends list yet? Let's fix that. Let's be friends.

RJ Tollerud : Community Coordinator

RJ Tollerud


Community Coordinator

Oi! AnthraX here, not the kind you'd find in a unmarked letter though. I come from the Snowy, arctic lands of the great state of Minnesota. I'm a part of the Community Staff here among other partners in crime. Occupied as one of the men behind the curtain that is social media. Fantastic titles that share a place in my heart are Halo, Skies of Arcadia, and Portal, to name a few.

Paul Wareheim : Director of Operations

Paul Wareheim


Director of Operations

Howdy folks, I'm Paul. Most folks around here call me Soterios, or Shark, or Sharkterios, or ... or Moth Balls.... that one hurts a little. I'm the Chief of Police around here (AKA Super Moderator) so I keep the site safe from Russian Spam bots and misplaced threads. If you ever need help, feel free to contact me. Even if it isn't ReadyUpLive related. Off site I'm a huge Halo fan. I love most video games, but Halo is my home. It brought me to ReadyUpLive.

Mark Barry : Content Producer

Mark Barry


Content Producer

Greetings fellow Gamers, I’m Spook or less commonly known as Mark. I’m a gamer from Table-top to console to PC, I play pretty much everything. I’ve come to appreciate this community and the good it does for gamers, so I felt I should try to help out even more. So I’ve signed on, I’ll be adding another personality to the staff contributing content and doing pretty much whatever the boss folks ask.

Josh Egan : Social Media Specialist

Josh Egan

"Chief Canuck"

Social Media Specialist

Eh there. My name is Josh but you may know me as “Chief Canuck” … or the other Josh, or Josh 2.0. I’m a content producer which means I produce things such as RUL’s very own gaming Podcast! I’m also a YouTuber and make videos about Halo, Destiny, and anything that I’m excited about. You can also find me on the ReadyUpLive account. But let’s get back to me, I’m Canadian (sorry aboot that), a college student, and a huge Halo fan. I’m always scouring the internet for latest details to share about the next Halo game.

Carr Nyuli : Content Producer

Carr Nyuli

"Foundation Afro"

Content Producer

Hey everyone! I’m Carr Nyuli, but just call me Afro. I’m the fluffy-headed content producer who probably makes way too may puns. I discovered Ready Up Live in the spring of 2012, when the Halo 4 hype train was going full speed down the tracks. I love being a part of RUL, I could never have enough words to describe how much I’ve enjoyed these past years. It really is the friendliest gaming community on the web.

Brandon Potts : Content Producer

Brandon Potts


Content Producer

Hey there! I'm Brandon Potts, but I know too many other Brandons, so I guess I'll just go by Potts. I help run some of RUL's social media hotspots and bum around stream chats pretty much 24/7. Only a casual gamer, but a major techie. In fact, most of the computers I've built have ran properly for nearly DAYS at a time! And if that's not something to be proud of, then I don't have anything else to be proud of.